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The Perfect Summer Tank Top

I took a few, quick minutes to mess around with my new camera for these photos before heading out to my cousins' dance recital. The photos are bit more hazy than I'd like, but I have plenty of time to get familiar with this one (I mean, I used my old camera for 6 years - yikes!) 
As for my outfit, I'm still on a Madewell kick. I picked up this tank top in their sale, and it's a great staple piece. The mustard color is trendy, but the shape is simple and falls right in between tight and loose; it's easy to tuck into shorts or just leave it be. It makes the getting dressed in this summer heat a little less of a hassle. 
Dressed in: Madewell tank, H&M shorts (similar), Urban Outfitters heels (similar), Bunnyhell's Dorian Gray necklace

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