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Some Old and Some New | Elbow Patches and Levi's 501s

I've been going through a winter cold this week, so I decided it was best to stay inside, away from the freezing temperatures. Snow filled pictures will have to wait until later. In the meantime, this outfit has a bit of old and new in it. 
The old is another pair of Levi's jeans, as if I need anymore. They were have a great Black Friday sale, and I couldn't pass up a classic pair of 501s. If you're interested in a pair it's important to note that these are a lot heavier than most jeans in the market today. These are some seriously heavy duty cotton jeans, but it morphs to your body in a more subtle way than spandex or elastane. They will also probably last me forever. 
To change up things a little, I've been poking around Etsy for some new options for clothes shopping. The site has always been a staple for a cute or nerdy graphic tee, but there's also great handmade and vintage gems. This shirt is on the simple side, but I like the little elbow patch deta…

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