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Bedroom Redecoration: Bookcase Before and After

Knowing I have expensive taste in bookcases, trying to figure out what to do with this space was difficult. I originally thought I would try a DIY to spruce up my existing shelves and get a long table to stack with magazines and plants. Though I'd love to become a plant mom, if I really wanted to create a space I could relax and be creative in I need something a little more cozy. So, in the end I created this reading nook. 
The main trouble with my bookcase was I had too many books. Books were overflowing, I couldn't fit in a single magazine, and nearly all the shelves were sagging from the weight. To be fair, I'm pretty sure this was a quick fix bookcase I picked up from Walmart ages ago, so it wasn't exactly a purchase meant to be long lasting.  I went the easiest route of solving this problem by getting two bookcases (though I did donate a fair share of my books too.) Getting two allowed me to get my magazines off the floor (I downsized those as well) and put a few…

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