Thursday, February 20, 2014

New York Fashion Week FW14

Hello! I had so much fun doing this last season so I thought I'd do it again. So here's a round up of some of my favorite things from New York Fashion Week.


Vampy - This is an odd look to be attracted to after I've repeatedly mentioned wanting to explore more bright and flirty outfits, but what can I say when it comes to dark clothing I can't stay away. Plus after reading Dracula can you really blame me? (from left to right - Tadashi Soji, Zimmermann, Alice + Olivia) 

Sweaters - If I'm being completely honest most of what I see on the runway is just vague inspiration because I know I'm going to be wearing sweaters practically everyday for 3 months. I'll spice up my winter uniform this year by playing with colors, graphics, and asymmetry.  (L to R - Alexander Wang, Lacoste, Opening Ceremony, Thakoon) 

Thigh high boots - I've always wanted thigh high boots but never really had a reason to get them. I feel like this will most likely be my impractical splurge of the season. (L to R - Cynthia Rowley, Herver Ledger, Alexander Wang) 

Fur Coat - Every year towards the end of winter I finally figure out what kind of coat I want for winter time. This year it's a fur coat. They always look so cozy. (L to R - Band of Outsiders, Milly) 

Last time I only picked one show that was going to be an overall inspiration, but I had a little trouble picking one this season. So I decided just to choose all of them. 


I already new that I was going to be attracted to the DKNY show because the massive amount of black clothing. I especially love the coats and the relaxed feel of all the outfits. I'm curious to see whether I can work some leather and orange color into my wardrobe. Plus it was interesting and different for half the cast to be well known new yorkers as well as people pulled of the streets. 

Jill Stuart 

This show was one of the only ones that appealed to my girly side. The dresses and tight and cuteness of it all was great but not too feminine for my taste. 

Opening Ceremony 

There is always going to be a little part of me that wants to dress completely from the preppy handbook. That's just how I grew up. Opening Ceremony lets me easily fall back into button ups under sweaters, stripes, and the occasional unexpected graphics. 

Rebecca Taylor

I can't really pin point why I practically liked this show. The outfits just seemed to have that effortless cool factor that I always want to achieve, but never think about enough to actual work towards it. I guess I'll just keep it in the back of my mind. 

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blood Red

Hello! These past two days have just been a slew of snow days for me, so instead of dressing up and going out I've been cuddled up in my dorm reading Dracula. It takes me a long time to read classics, but I'm glad I persevered through this one. It's not exactly something I would re read many times, but it was interesting and fun to spot all of the components and details that translate into recent books and films. Plus the reward of the fast paced adventure towards catching Dracula is worth the slow build of the beginning and middle. Even good enough to make me want to wear red lipstick the next day. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Private Eye

sweater Forever21 jeans Gap boots Palladium 

Hello! After a few weeks I've got my routine at school back and I'm blogging again. I was really excited to not only wear some new clothes, but roam around the city again. My friends and I went to the New York City Police Museum. Though it was sad to see pictures of 9/11 and here stories from one of the employees, the scenery and the relaxed feel of the day kept us content. Though I have to admit it got a bit cold at times. 

P.S. Though my sweater fulfilled its purpose of keeping me warm and being an ode to my long eyelashes and general obsession with eye makeup, it shed like crazy! I think I'll be avoiding fuzzy sweaters for the foreseeable future.