Friday, December 16, 2011

Undercover Santa

Tonight I went to a holiday party with a secret Santa that we (dance teachers/assistants) do every year. This year my secret Santa got me these awesome pieces from Forever 21. I've  liked Forever 21's jewelry ever since I stepped into the store for the first time. At times the pieces will break and get old, but they are so interesting and inexpensive that I always enjoy buying them no matter what. I'm most excited to wear the earrings! They are so adorable, plus bows are a trend that I haven't gotten out of my system since I was 13. As of now I'm jumping around to Copacabana by Barry Manilow because I drank coffee at the end of the party. Too bad I have to get up early tomorrow. oops =P I'll have an outfit post from what I wore to the party, in the mean time have a nice night/day. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

When you Wish Upon a Tree

When you Wish Upon a Tree

This is just a simple set i made on Polyvore. I am getting super pumped for Christmas, despite the absence of shopping for myself. Red pants and a charm bracelet have been long time wishlist members so they will always be there, especially since bright pants are making a huge return to trendy closets. Capes and rompers  have been ideas that took me a while to get used to but now I'm in love. With rompers it depends on their construction. I like them to be unique and not flimsy. Capes are weird in the sense that they don't really have a shape, but as long as they are short, rather than mid-thigh, then I wont get eaten by my coat. Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season.
When you Wish Upon a Tree by adayinthelife featuring juicy couture jewelry

Juicy couture coat
$210 -

J Brand slim fit pants
$230 -

TopShop romper
£46 -

Juicy couture jewelry
$58 -

$10 -

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hey (ya)

Hello to everyone and hello to this new blog. Here is my first outfit post (ta-da). Today I wore this to an A.P study session at my school. While there we had a small discussion on rap/hip-hop music that talks about various issues besides the usual partying and relationships. The conversation had me returning to a group that I can't seem to forget; Outkast. I wont go into a long essay on how they are able to create an incredible hit on the surface while still maintaining intelligent lyrics, but I will say that they are a group that I'm proud to say most of my friends still listen to. Now on to these shoes, which are my favorite thing to wear at the moment. They're bold, make me taller and though they have leopard pattern they seem to match everything  (probably because I have a weird fashion related, gravitational pull to wear black all the time). Well, I hope you all have an enjoyable day full of good music, and enjoy my very first blog post (Happy Birthday Fish out of Closet).

~Sweater: Target
~Jeans: Simply Vera by Vera Wang
~Shoes: Steve Madden
~Necklace (heart): Forever 21
~Necklace (layers): Target