Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Scores of the Sales

I wasn't quite sure what to do with this week's post, but I've been so in love with both of these items ever since Thanksgiving and since they are both in the post-holiday sales they deserve a stand alone post.

Zara Office City Bag: The most exciting new addition is my new Zara purse. The minute I got it I started hugging it to my chest (please tell me I'm not the only person who does this). It's one of their mini bags, but it does hold a fair share of stuff, and it was easy for me to transfer all the junk I carry in my bucket bag. I also very much love the pockets on the back and front. They're really convenient for having easy access to your cell, hand sanitizer, or as a place to shove receipts into. Both the mini size (unfortunately only in navy blue) and the large size are on sale on Zara's website.

Nails Inc. Be Gelouse Collection: I have the bad habit of clicking around on Sephora's site whenever I'm bored, and though it puts me in danger of spending wayyy too much money I'm happy my aimless browsing led me to this Nails Inc. nail polish set. I had no plans of trying out any Nails Inc. polishes, but the colors in this set are everything I could possibly want. Purple is my favorite color, so having two shades in one set is perfect and all of the other shades just go so nicely togethe and fit right in with most Fall and Winter color palettes. I just tried out one of the polishes and they are great. They mimic gel manicures with their opacity and high shine, and they're holding up very well five days later. If all of that hasn't sold you, the set is only $29, marked down from $42! I hugged this one too.

From the top, clockwise: Piccadilly Place, Grosvenor Cresent, Uptown, Old Bond Street, New Oxford Street, The Boltons
All of the nail polishes are available as individuals here except for Piccadilly Place and The Boltons.

Happy New Year!
xx Jasmine 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Those Christmas Lights

The entire week of finals I was super excited to come home to this ugly Christmas sweater. I do realize I should probably be more concerned with coming home to friends and family (I was), but this sweater is pretty sweet. Dinosaurs have always been a low key love of mine, I mean Jurassic Park is a movie I watched over and over as a kid (and still do now). I'm never for a reboot, and that's no different for Jurassic World, but I can't really resist velociraptors and Chris Pratt, so I'm sure I'll eventually see it. It seems to have that creepy/scary mood I enjoyed from the original and though it could get a little overdramatic I'm cautiously excited for the movie.

Moving on from dinosaurs, I hope everyone celebrating Christmas has a wonderful day tomorrow and anyone who is celebrating something else or just chilling I hope your day is wonderful as well. I love how a few days before Christmas day I still get very excited and feel like a kid. That joy is
always a special one.

xx Jasmine 
P.S. Sorry for so many "ohh lets look to the side and show off my jaw picture." It's a bit ridiculous haha. 

Dressed In: Etsy sweater, Gap shirt and jeans 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Once Upon a December

Last year, I was quite disappointed I didn't plan ahead and buy tickets to see The Nutcracker ballet around Christmas time, so this time around my roommate and I made sure we had tickets when they were on sale. I love going to Lincoln Center, and out in the city in general, because it's an excuse to get all dressed up. I broke out this long sleeved dress and though it was comfy I think the fit could've been better if it was in a more cotton or jersey-like fabric. I was forced into boots because it was raining all day, but I can't really complain because I love my chelsea boots and they kept my feet from hurting with all the walking. 

I danced back in school for ten years so the thought of going to see the New York City Ballet left me bouncing like a little kid from excitement the entire day. The show was equal parts fun, impressive, and cute. I see why it's a holiday tradition for many people, and I've been converted into one of those people who say you have to go see it at least once. It was a very magical night. 

Dressed In: H&M dress, Anthropologie belt (similar), ASOS tights, ASOS boots 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Wish List 2014

Christmas Wish List

Finals are kicking in soon so it's time for a wish list. My Christmas wish list isn't very abundant this year. Since I'll be abroad all of next semester I don't really want to buy anything that's going to be left in my room for four months. That being said, there are still some things I'm lusting after and hope to scoop up before I get on the plane and here they are:
BDG tent dress

Celebrating my birthday in Europe is one of the major things I'm looking forward to and a cute, warm dress is a must buy before I leave. Right now I'm in love with this cozy turtleneck one from Urban Outfitters.

MANGO black velvet top
$47 -

I'm always looking for new sweaters, what can I say I get cold. This one from Mango is cute and uplifting.

MANGO khaki pleated skirt
$47 -

Though I have a very strong desire to wear them, I still haven't really figured out which types of skirts I want to add to my wardrobe. This skirt seems like a good place to start though because it's flirty but still sleek.

Got to keep my passport looking chic on my many travels.

MANGO black belt
$28 -

This is a rather boring item on the list, but I'm in desperate need of a new black belt. I love these types of buckles. I think they add a nice detail to any outfit.

At the moment I don't have any rollerballs I can take with me next semester so of course I see that as an opportunity to try the Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfumes I've been eyeing. They work well mixed together and separately they're great for transitioning from fall to spring.

Hedgehog home decor

I've never tried anything from Lush before, but this year I've seriously fallen in love with looking at their holiday bath items online. This cute hedgehog is a must try over the break.

Honeycomb Shoulder Bag Lilac
$55 -

I've been looking at a couple light purple cross-body bags this year and I find them so adorable. Purple is my favorite color even though I don't wear it often, so I think I should have at least one bag to make up for it.

Good luck to anyone taking finals soon!'
xx Jasmine 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Feels Like Home

This outfit is what I wore traveling home on the train for Thanksgiving. I've been been loving these pants all fall, the fact that they're super high waisted works with a lot of my wardrobe, and I've enjoyed having a pair of black jeans again. I've been wanting to do a stereotypical Parisian outfit for awhile especially since we're getting closer to the end of the year and the brief reprieve from freezing weather was the perfect opportunity (though it did promptly snow the next day). I'm studying abroad next semester and the first stop is Paris. The fact that I already have my ticket and everything is so surreal considering I've wanted to go to paris since I was a little girl. 

Here's to dreams becoming goals and ultimately achieving them. 
xx Jasmine 
PS: This post may as well be called the case of the disappearing pants haha, oops. 

 Dressed in: top - Gap, jeans - Brandy Melville shoes - Converse 

The snow on Thanksgiving Day 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 College Tips that are Actually Useful

Seeing as I'm half way through my second year of college, I think I have enough experience now to actually share some college tips. Tips, of course, that are useful and I haven't seen in all the other college advice I perused before moving in a year ago. 

1. Get your laundry on: First and foremost, learn how to do laundry before you go to college. There is nothing more irritating than being unable to do your laundry because someone thought it was a good idea to put two shirts each in five dryers. Broken washers and dryers are going to happen eventually (they're being used quite a lot), but some malfunctions can be avoided. I swear laundry is really simple to do, so go on and learn.

2. Eww Bugs: This tip comes from a lot of experience; learn how to kill bugs and spiders on your own. I am guilty of making my family kill spiders whenever I find them in my room, but when there's a bug in your dorm and you and your roommates are fighting over whose going to kill it your going to wish you had the nerve to just get it over with. I would recommend using a shoe or broom so you are able to keep your distance from the icky bug. I also find just doing it without thinking beforehand helps a lot in overcoming the fear. Or you could just ask a guy down the hall to kill it for you (I'm guilty of that as well).

3. Google everything: This tip may seem pretty obvious, but I think because it's so obvious we forget how much knowledge is actually on the internet. My roommates and I have taken to yelling "Google it!!" every time any of us ask a questions because it usually solves the problem. Don't know how to get to the museum - Google it. Want to unclog the drain yourself instead of waiting for the maintenance guy - Google it. You ripped your fave shirt and don't know how to sew- Google it. You get the gist. 
If you want tips on using Google for school work go - Here and Here 

4. Nom Nom Nom: I highly recommend having a few snacks and candy in your dorm. They'll come in handy for studying, late night movies, and general candy emergencies. I usually go for some Reeses, tea, and whatever snack I'm obsessed with at that time. Currently I love pudding. 

This is my school bag. Litographs makes tees, bags, and prints that are made completely of all the words in a book. I chose the book A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce because it's one of my favorites. The bag is super sturdy and big enough to hold everything you desire. I stuff
a notebook, laptop, book, and a water bottle, in there on a daily basis and it still holds up. 

5. Organization is key: In many ways going to University means you get to stop doing all of the things you thought were stupid in High School, but having an agenda or planner is not one of them. With classes more spaced out it's really easy to forget due dates, test days, or just the reading you had to do. Whether it's on your iPhone or in a booklet, writing down what you need to do and important dates from the start will help you a lot in the long run. 

6. Put in some effort: Though it can be super fun to nap and completely fill a day exclusively with eating popcorn and watching Netflix, it is wise to put in some effort socially whichever way you would like. I tend to forget all of the cool events that are going on around campus until I finally drag myself to one, and can't believe I forgot how fun it can be to hang out with friends more often and to talk to new people. There are also a lot of career oriented functions at my school that a lot of people forgo, but are actually very useful. "Get involved" is such a tiresome saying, but despite that it's still the best way to have some fun. 

7. Throw it on: One of the best things to have in your arsenal as a college student is a "go-to outfit". Something you can throw on when your friends come to your door and say we're all going to get donuts late at night. A graphic tee and skinny jeans are always a good base. I usually throw on my Aston Villa jacket because it's an easy way to add color and has been a good conversation starter. I also get cold super easily, so yay no goosebumps. 

8. Fuzzy, cozy, on your feet: The first thing I frantically asked my mother to send me once I was already moved in was some slippers. Especially in my first semester, I spent a lot of time in the halls and lounges playing games, meeting people, and generally goofing around. Trust me when I say you are going to want some sort of slipper or thick sock for these activities. Wearing real shoes is too much of a bother, but going bare foot (though I love it) is kind of gross when you realize how many people live in your building. Trust me, buy the slippers. 

9. Slap it on your face: On the same wave as the "go to outfit", makeup that you can just slap on your face before heading out of the dorm is great. I'm personally not a fan of looking like I just rolled out of bed when I go to class, but if I'm feeling extra lazy these products come in handy. Korres Lip Butter not only moisturizes but also gives a tint of color to you lips and that's already a huge step to not looking dead. After that I would head straight to eyebrows. To frame my face and (hopefully) achieve good eyebrow game, I uses NYX's Eyebrow Cake Powder. I love my eyelashes and take my mascara very seriously, so even if I'm beat those puppies are getting a few coats. Right not I'm in love with Eyeko's Black Magic Mascara

10. The most important of all: If you don't already know about then this tip will be life changing. 8tracks hosts tons of playlists made by users. Though fun, this site is my (and many students) holy grail when it comes to studying, especially when finals roll around. Make sure you take a look around the site and find the study playlists that work for you. The three below are my favorite. And always remember to have an extra pair of headphones. If you don't your current ones will die and you will cry. Trust me. 


Hope these tips helped. 
xx Jasmine

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Those Little High Waisted Shorts

The universe seems to be against me taking pictures anywhere outside of this bed. I wore this outfit with some sheer tights earlier, intending to take picture out in the city, but that morning they ripped and continued to get runs in them through out the day. Guess we'll have to make due. 
I find this outfit so simple and cute. The sweater is easily the best thing I bought this summer. It's thin, but the softness of it beats anything I have in my closet. I break out these shorts every time I decide to be cute for the day. Unfortunately, they're super old and I haven't found anything similar to them in H&M, but there are a few on ModCloth's site that I've been eyeing. 

I hope your luck this week is much better than mine. 
xx Jasmine 

Dressed In: sweater -Tommy Hilfiger shorts: H&M (old) knee socks - ASOS

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Bit of Fall in the City

A lot of my trips to the city this semester have been for school projects and I'm usually alone,leaving me with now outfit pictures, so I decided to share some pictures of Fall and some from Halloween night. I promise I'll return with regular posts soon.
Until then, enjoy!
xx Jasmine 

Fresh apples are the best 

Washington Square 

Central Park 

Central Park 

I went to The Brooklyn Night Bazaar on Halloween (like a harvest fest, only indoors) I had a lot of fun dancing and messing around. Any place where I can dance to hits from the 80's and 90's, play arcade games, and eat pie gets a thumbs up from me.


My Keyboard (I was dressed up as Gene from Bob's Burgers) also I won mini-golf :)

Apple Pie from Daly Pie - SUPER delicious 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Coat

Dressed in : Coat - Zara, Sweater - Forever21, Lipgloss - Nars in Rouge Tribal 

Despite Mother Nature's attempts to push 70 degrees this week, it is definitely Fall and that means layers. Back in the Summer, when I was planning out what I wanted buy for the school year I decided I needed to expand my coat collection. I really only had one real coat (the winter one I featured last year). Beyond that I just had typical, plain fleece jackets, and some coats I stole from my mom or brother whenever it rained. Clearly, stylish coats were not in my wardrobe. I figured a Fall coat would be a good place to start. I purchased this coat during Summer Zara Sale (that event deserves italics). I loved it because it seemed very functional. I've been too terrified of cute coats having no warming capabilities to buy one previously, but the quilting and structure on this one is similar to ones you'll find at an average department store. 
First and foremost, this coat keeps me warm. No matter how much I try, that always ends up being the most important feature in a coat, and this one totally does the job. Zara has many beautiful coats, which I am guilty of lovingly gazing at from time to time when I'm suppose to be studying, but I was drawn to this one because of the leather detailing. The shoulder and elbow patches reminded me of items from Tommy Hilfiger that I've admired in the past. The shape is quite nice and flattering as well, but the kicker for me is the hood hidden in the collar. It can be easily tucked away or pulled out depending on the weather, and the hood is a great size. There is nothing worse than a short, half-assed hood that is useless when I'm caught in the rain without an umbrella. Unfortunately, I do have one aspect of the jacket that I dislike and that is the pockets. Because of the prominent zipper and the fact that they're horizontal I end up scratching my hand every time I try and keep my hands warm. Gloves are required. All and all, it's a great coat that will be worn until the snow starts to fall. 

Stay warm. 
xx Jasmine