Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Vs. New York


This past week during Spring Break I went to Boston and New York City and thought I'd do a little comparison. Nothing major, the disputes are already extreme enough, just thought it'd be a little teaser before I did separate photo diaries for each of them. I hope everyone enjoyed they're vacation or regular week. 

Boston - H&M blazer, Urban Outfitters tee, Gap Jeans, converse, case found here

New York City - H&M blouse, J.Crew necklace, Gap jeans, Converse 
Boston - Purse from H&M, CK Shock lotion, Smashbox lip gloss in divine, Coach wallet, glasses cloth, Kleenex, purell, BurtsBees chapstick 
New York City - I don't really know why I thought my purse contents would differ but I brought along my camera this time and used a purse I got from Macy's 

Boston - This (white chocolate mocha espresso) could very well be my new favorite Starbucks drink. It's so  creamy and reminds me so much of Christmas  
New York City - The Starbucks was super crowded (obviously) so I didn't really think ahead so I just went with my go to, an iced mocha frappacino. Unfortunately, this thing made me so much colder then I thought it would, oh well. (PS it was so loud in there he got my name wrong , lol) 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Wishlist

Spring Wishlist

Hi low dress / Blue top / Lonely Ivory Leavers Lace Bralet / Charlotte Olympia transparent handbag / Round frame sunglasses / Charlotte Olympia - Pisces - Cosmic collection, $760

It is finally getting a bit warmer where I live and I've been contemplating what I want to add to my wardrobe, especially since I'm going to have to buy a lot for college next year since, having been in a uniform for two years. This season I want to get away from more of the tough pieces and turn towards more girly items such as lace bralets and floral prints. My closet has also been lacking in easy dresses and shoes that have not been completely ruined by wearing them to school everyday. As far as trends that have been frequently mentioned lately, I am definitely going for comic book prints, cute box clutches, and round sunglasses. I hope everyone is looking forward to spring time.

PS- I feel like I need a clever name for all these wishlists, anyone have any ideas? 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Color Bunny

Pants: Old Navy Shirt: J. Crew Shoes & bangles: Forever 21 Small bangles: pier1 
Perfume: Marc Jacobs daisy eau so fresh Nails Polish: O.P.I. do you lilac it 
My mom bought me some pastel purple pants and I thought I'd try them out for Easter. The holiday made it much easier to pull off the outfit especially with the fact that I don't think I own anything else in a pastel color, but I kept it fun and it was a nice change from the norm. hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend =)