Saturday, September 28, 2013

New York Fashion Week SS14

I haven't been posting lately because I've been making some changes to the blog. I've been wanting to change it for a while and I'm very happy with it now. Let me know what you think of it.
 I wanted to share some cool trends and details that I'm excited to go looking for come spring.
    Transparency- I just recently started to like the transparency trend of the summer and I like it even more now. On one side it has gone to an extreme with panels that are sexy but not vulgar at Locoste, and on a more demure level as a detail on a dress or skirt. at Wes Gordon 

White- I didn't realize that I was attracted to white in the spring and summer until I took a peak at what I'd been reblogging on tumblr for some inspiration. I had posted a lot of models and streets style photos of all white outfits. I guess I'm attracted to white the same way I end up wearing black; it's versatile, simple, and crisp looking. It also work with edgy and feminine styles evident in Jason Wu's show.  

Breezy Pants- This is another trend that I've been thinking about for awhile and this season just reinforced my desire for them. They are so comfy yet cool looking I could go on about them for days. Photos from Badgley Mishka

Girly-ness- I've always loved watching Zac Posen's shows dreaming of being a disney princess or a royal in his gowns. This show is inspiration for expanding the girly side of my wardrobe.  

Fun Hair- I'm in college so why not mess around with my hair color a bit. Instant update of a look and lots of (temporary) fun. 
Overall- The 3.1 Phillip Lim show is the one this season that was just an overall goal of what I want my style to look like - simple and cool. 

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wibbly Wobbly

tank and pants and neckalce Gap, flats Steve Madden, lock necklace H&M
Starting college is very odd. A friend once told me "everything changes in college" and that is becoming truer and truer everyday. One of the biggest struggles for me is getting into a routine. At the moment its all very flexible and subsequently I'm not really sure when to post . . . sorry. During one of these odd times when I was alone in my room with nothing to do I decided to try out taking pictures indoors. I think they came out pretty well but I'm more excited for outfit post pictures from when I go out. One of the main goals for dressing for school is being comfortable and I think this outfit is a prime example.The baggy, paint-splattered pants and plain tank are so easy and the necklaces and flats pull it together just enough. I hope everyone is getting well adjusted as fall approaches :) 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


 shorts H&M, Shoes BE&D, sunglasses Francesca's collection

It's so nice to be blogging again! Even though it hasn't been long at all it feels like forever. Recently I have been super confident in my choice to come to college in NYC. My classes are interesting enough, but I love going into Manhattan the most. Even if we have a plan, something unexpected happens and next thing you know you're watching Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" and dipping your feet into water at the High Line. It may seem cliche, but that's how I live my life now and it's kinda awesome. Fashion wise, I've been taking advantage of the few summery days we have left with shorts and some fun color combinations (I could get used to mustard yellow) and wearing sunglasses (I think they make me look cool on campus). I've also been watching live streams of NYFW in between classes and I'm planning to do a big post after it ends. I hope you have a wonderful day. 
PS If you want to hear more specifically about my adventures in NYC then I have to tumblr I must do for class that talks all about it - here stay tuned :) 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Adventures

So, I am now officially moved in to college. It's kinda weird because I don't really have a routine yet and basically I'm working out what to do as I go along- hence no outfit posts :(. On the bright side one of my friends took another friend and I into Manhattan. It was pretty gloomy, hence the dark pictures, but we had a lot of fun fooling around at Grande Central and to Toys R Us in Time Square. I hope everyone in University is settling well and if you have any advice send it my way either in comments or on Tumblr. In turn if you have any questions for me feel free to ask. More fashion related posts will be up soon. 

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