Thursday, January 26, 2012


 I'm not usually one for New Year's resolutions, though it can be motivating, but firsts seem super special when they are in the beginning of the year. The sweater is my first purchase from Urban Outfitters and the shoes are my first purchase, for myself, from Asos.  I've browsed around both before these purchases and I am in love. They both offer very unique items, plus Asos has a huge variety style wise (super great for people like me who are girly one day and then edgy the next).  The sweater is definitely in the slouchy/comfy category, and as I told my friend I love the random white sleeve. As for the shoes, I have been looking at them for  eternity (it feels like), and caved in to buying them when they got so ridiculously marked down that it was practically a sin not to. I would fully support anyone checking both brands out or any store you've never went in before- take the chance.

P.S. Please ignore the weird face I'm making in the third picture. Gordon Ramsay's the F word was on and the team had only one customer willing to pay - so sad for them =( I kept the picture because of the contrast between my sleeve and the rest of the sweater.

~Sweater: Urban Outfitters (silence + noise)
~Necklace: Forever 21

Friday, January 20, 2012

Strength, Knowledge, and 60's

I bought this dress after reading Nylon's January issue and finally convincing myself to try my hand at something 60's inspired. Though this is a more modern take of the type of dress I still love it and can't wait to wear it again with dramatically winged eyeliner and super retro heels, but for now I took on a more tame approach because I was being inducted into my school's National Honors Society. While at the ceremonies the many speakers reminded me of the idea of achieving in various categories. I always want to show people that just because my future and passion is rooted in fashion and other arts doesn't mean I can't keep a high GPA and be a strong, able person. Don't be stereotyped by someone and don't stereotype yourself. (kinda cheesy, but we'll just ignore that =P ). 

~Dress: Forever 21
~Tights: Forever 21
~Ring: Thrift store 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hanging out by a Window

Ughhhhh! It has obviously been too long of a gap between posts, but lets just jump right in. I wore this two days ago to head out for the last of the after Holiday sales. It's almost obnoxious how much the prices drop! But since it most likely wont change, I embrace it and indulge in shopping sprees, one of them being how I got both the sweater and shorts of this outfit. During the break I mainly shopped and played my new favorite nerd game; Scrabble Flash. Seriously, its addicting and a word nerds best friend. There will be more posts to come soon. Promise! 
P.S. No I am not wearing random, hipster glasses. They are my real ones . . . with a prescription and everything! =P 

~Sweater: Forever 21
~Shorts: H&M
~Tights: Forever 21
~Shoes: Restricted