Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Back on The Ranch

Another autumn, another trip to the Queens County Farm Museum. This year things were a little warmer (my hands are very thankful) but just as enjoyable. One of our main goals was to get a better finishing time trying to navigate the Amazing Maize Maze. Last year we spent a good hour, victims of our terrible senses of direction, walking in circles. This time we got it down to about 30 minutes due to a little bit of luck and a real attempt to read the map. 

This shirt is my way of cheating the mock neck. I have seen striped, 70s mock necks in many varieties in the past couple of months and though I think they're cute, I could never bring myself to purchase one. Thankfully, this Vila top looks like a mock neck but is actually an intentionally backwards shirt. Whether it's a true 70s style or not, there is something about those warm, slightly off-kilter colors from the era that feel homey, and the farm evokes that same feeling. I love Halloween dearly, but the best part of October is cuddling up with a mug of warm cider and enjoying a New England fall. 

Dressed in: Vila via Asos top (similar), Levi jeans, Modcloth brogues and Urban Outfitters necklace and Emma sunglasses. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On Striped Shirts and A Trip to a Tim Burton Bar

If there's any time to wear a black and white striped tee and purple lipstick it's when you go to a Tim Burton inspired restaurant. I wanted to go to Beetle House ever since it opened last spring, but with all the hype it was booked up until September. Crazy, but waiting was actually a gift because we landed a reservation in October, the most Tim Burton of months. 

The restaurant itself is quite cool. The ambience is dark and a tad creepy, but it leans more towards fun than anything truly scary. On the walls are some fan art from all the films among other ambiguously dark items, including candles, skeletons and a pair of open legs protruding from the wall.  My favorite part was hearing everyone sing along to the restaurant's playlist, all songs from the various films of course. 

The very appropriate striped top is a TopShop purchase I made a couple months back and unfortunately I'm not quite happy with it. Though it's pretty plain I can't quite pair it with anything else in my wardrobe. You win some, you lose some, I guess. On the bright side the rest of my outfit is made up of long standing favorites. I'm particularly happy it's now chelsea boot season. I might even consider getting a second pair. 

Sweet nightmares, 
x Jasmine 

Dressed in: TopShop top (in black), H&M zipper skirt (similar and similar in red), ASOS chelsea boots, J. Crew tights, Zara purse (the new city bag) 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Book Recommendation: Love in a Wych Elm by HE Bates

nail polish OPI Gargantuan Green Grape 

Book: This book was such a surprise. Admittedly, when I picked up Love in a Wych Elm & Other Stories while I was in Dublin I was looking forward to reading Pygmalion more. I was hunting for Pygmalion after learning more about it in the Dublin Writer's Museum and everything else I picked up was just what caught my eye that moment. 

Now, many months after my trip, I've picked it up and hitting myself for not reading it sooner. Having never heard of HE Bates, buying the compilation was a bit risky, but I was intrigued by the notion of "a snapshot of England (and to some extent a Europe) that is no more," mentioned on the back. Fortunately it delivered that and much more. 

Love in a Wych Elm is a compilation of Bate's short stories, but I hesitate to call them that. Technically speaking I suppose they are short stories, but reading them they feel much more like snapshots of moments. Instead of a tale you get moment in a character's life that's rather simple. No adventures, prophecies or profound wisdom here. I particularly admires Bates ability to write about these moments of life in a way that wasn't senselessly happy or cynical. Every story is incredibly relatable particularly emotionally.

Playlist: Where the Pages May Take You by huntuer is one of my favorites for reading or casual studying. It's a mix of instrumental and modern music and super calming. Similar to how the stories are simple and sometimes seemingly mundane, the playlist is steady and pleasant. 

happy reading, 
x Jasmine 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fish's Favorites: Summer 2016

It's official: summer has closed up shop and left us. The weather is finally getting colder and we're all starting to change our Starbucks orders to make them seasonally appropriate. So, as a last farewell, here are my Summer Favorites. I'm sure some of them will continue to pop up in the fall. 

Wearing: Summer isn't summer without a good pair of denim shorts. Levi's pulled through for me once again with their Wedgie shorts. Gross name, but they encompass a truly vintage fit from the button closure to the ultra high waist. And as adversited, they make your but look amazing. 

Applying: I have loved sheet masks ever since they became the new it skincare thing, but I went really ham for them over the summer. I've branched out a little, but I always come back to these Tony Moly ones. It's easy to determine which one I need and they seriously get the job done. 

Summer always brings on the need to mattify as well, and I decided to splurge for the Make Up Forever Mattifying primer this time around. It has been one of the best makeup purchase I've ever made. It's serious about mattifying and I feel like the tube will last me forever. So worth the high price tag.

Sipping: During the summer I branched out into brewing my own iced tea and it was an adventure. In many cases I wish I had just bought the premade stuff, but Tea Guys was an exception. Their seasonal flavors are unique and delicious, and they have samples so you can test a flavor out before you dive into buying in bulk. I'll be keeping an eye out for their fall and winter brews. 

Watching: This summer was all about cooking. I can't say I've gotten better at it, but I sure did watch a lot of Chopped and Pioneer Woman. Chopped is just one of the best competition shows. I love how the chefs deal with the time limit and I love the junior competition as well (even when it makes me feel like an inadequate adult.) Pioneer Woman is great for living vicariously through a country women. There is no way I would live anywhere besides a city, but it's fun to imagine it and everything she makes looks seriously delicious. 

Time to indulge in all the pumpkin spice, 
x Jasmine