Sunday, September 20, 2015

School Update

Hello! Things have been a little crazy just trying to get set in a schedule again, and then taking on an internship (happy dance.) Coming back to campus has made me feel so much older. I've come a long way from being a freshman, and it's getting close to making some big decisions (ugh.) It's exciting, and a bit daunting, but nothing needs to be set in stone now, so I'm ready for some fun things this year. 
Because of all the craziness I probably will only be posting once a week again with some random posts here or there. I've got two concerts coming up I can't wait to put looks together for, plus the cooler weather and all the sweaters! I am definitely ready for the cooler temperatures. 

Bring on the snow!
xx Jasmine 

Dressed in: Asos top, Forever21 overalls

P.S. Loving: 
3. Taking on adult coloring - a trend I can get behind.  

Monday, September 7, 2015

My Top Ten Favorite Nail Polishes

I've been obsessed with nail polish from about my sophomore year of high school. It may be due to the fact that I had just quit cheerleading where I had to keep polish free nails at all time. Well, the little bit of rebellion has grown into a true love, and I figured if there's anything I could whole heartedly recommend it's my favorite nail polishes. I picked out ones that I have had for many years, but have remained staples, so these are all pretty big, all-time favorites. 
Here's what made it in to my top ten: 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Ode to Levi Strauss

 I couldn't finish off the summer without doing an entire post dedicated to these denim cutoffs. Levi has always been my go to brand for any denim so far. (I'm a tad bit nervous about the launch of their new women's line. There old ones have stuck with me for so long, and more stretch could mean the new ones lose their shape easily.) So when it comes to denim shorts the best thing to do is to go for vintage cutoff Levi's. I cut them a little more because the length was a little weird for my height, but the fit is the best I've ever found any shorts I've tried and they are so comfy. I'm going to really miss these shorts once it gets colder, but I'm sure they'll stay around for awhile. 

xx Jasmine

P.S.: This ode is one of many. I've done three separate school projects on Levi Strauss and the brand, which sounds crazy, but I'm totally okay with that.

Dressed in: Levi shirt (similar), Levi shorts (from Urban Outfitters), Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in India Intrigue