Saturday, May 26, 2012


                        Top- Rock and Republic for Kohls Shoes- Steve Madden Bag- Converse 

 I took these pictures a week ago, but looking at them now they remind me of the Black Keys album El Camino. The outfit and the music both make me feel like I'm that unstoppable badass. There's nothing like putting on a hot outfit, listening to music and becoming another character for the day.

P.S My favorite song is Gold on the Ceiling

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hello! Here is what I wore for Mothers Day. Even though my mother was away with my brother and Dad at a soccer tournament I had fun hanging out with family. It was also nice to have warm weather and play outside (especially with chalk!) When my mom got back I gave her a picture frame with a picture of my brother and I, since she complains a lot about not having pictures of the both of us. Hope you had fun as well and a big thank you to all moms (no matter what day it is) 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Night in Wonderland

Sometimes the universe likes to make me sick then throw me in to exams . . . and now that my lame excuse for a long absence is over, here is my Prom post!!! I had a wonderful time at prom. To everyone going or has already gone to their school's prom I hope you have/had a wonderful time. My advice to everyone already going or considering going to prom is that when it comes to something so frivolous there is NO reason to take it more seriously than you want to. The reason I had so much fun at prom was because I did it on my terms and made sure I had fun and ignored all the stupid stuff (also known as "Prama"). In this case the only thing that doesn't make you happy at prom is yourself.

Dress- Night Moves by Allure
Shoes- Jennifer Lopez for Kohls
Hair bow- Amika
Nail Polish- China Glaze; Magnetix in Attraction