Thursday, July 13, 2017

Warped Tour 2017

I don't usually seek out nostalgia, but I don't avoid it either. I'll get excited about a new collection at Urban Outfitters inspired by cartoons I watched as a kid, but admittedly skeptical of all movie reboots. So it was a little surprising when my best friend offered to get me tickets to Warped Tour for my birthday and I was immediately ecstatic. 

I guess my instincts were correct because the event was a blast! It reminded me of my angst-filled teen years but also made me happy to be older and not take things so seriously. The line up was pretty entertaining as well, though metal is still something I'm not into. Then again, any music and sun is great to uplift your mood. 

American Authors

Our Last Night
Jule Vera and Watsky

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Oh, Universe; Gallant Concert Outfit

My dive into concert-going during college has made me crave seeing someone live every couple of months at least. It had been awhile since my last one, so when I heard Gallant was coming back to NYC with John Legend I jumped on the opportunity. Gallant has been a recent favorite that I can't stop listening to. His songs hit on emotions that others try to convey, but usually end up falling flat and more basic than emotional. 

As usual I wanted to incorporate some of the his style into what I wore, but I came to a bit of a stand still. It was way too hot to wear a sleek blazer, and after scouring my closet I found out I have little to no yellow in my wardrobe. The small bit of black and yellow I did find was some Batman socks. Not exactly the vibe I was going for but I'll take it. As for the rest, I was trying to keep cool as temperatures and humidity rise. Though, it's always a good idea to grab an extra layer to combat overzealous air conditioning. 

Oh, and the concert was awesome. I just love Gallant so much.

Dressed in: old Zara tank and button up (similar here and here), Levi Wedgie shorts, batman socks, Palladium Sneakers, Urban outfitters purse (similar), Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in Cruella