Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Coat

Dressed in : Coat - Zara, Sweater - Forever21, Lipgloss - Nars in Rouge Tribal 

Despite Mother Nature's attempts to push 70 degrees this week, it is definitely Fall and that means layers. Back in the Summer, when I was planning out what I wanted buy for the school year I decided I needed to expand my coat collection. I really only had one real coat (the winter one I featured last year). Beyond that I just had typical, plain fleece jackets, and some coats I stole from my mom or brother whenever it rained. Clearly, stylish coats were not in my wardrobe. I figured a Fall coat would be a good place to start. I purchased this coat during Summer Zara Sale (that event deserves italics). I loved it because it seemed very functional. I've been too terrified of cute coats having no warming capabilities to buy one previously, but the quilting and structure on this one is similar to ones you'll find at an average department store. 
First and foremost, this coat keeps me warm. No matter how much I try, that always ends up being the most important feature in a coat, and this one totally does the job. Zara has many beautiful coats, which I am guilty of lovingly gazing at from time to time when I'm suppose to be studying, but I was drawn to this one because of the leather detailing. The shoulder and elbow patches reminded me of items from Tommy Hilfiger that I've admired in the past. The shape is quite nice and flattering as well, but the kicker for me is the hood hidden in the collar. It can be easily tucked away or pulled out depending on the weather, and the hood is a great size. There is nothing worse than a short, half-assed hood that is useless when I'm caught in the rain without an umbrella. Unfortunately, I do have one aspect of the jacket that I dislike and that is the pockets. Because of the prominent zipper and the fact that they're horizontal I end up scratching my hand every time I try and keep my hands warm. Gloves are required. All and all, it's a great coat that will be worn until the snow starts to fall. 

Stay warm. 
xx Jasmine   

Monday, October 20, 2014

Blue Space

I took a little break from blogging and social media in general because I was a bit overwhelmed with school, but despite the time crunches I'm really glad to get back in the swing of things. So, starting off slow here's a quick outfit post. I love this outfit so much for it's simplicity and I'm surprisingly loving not wearing black for a second. I particularly like the shirt because it's much thicker than other cheaper shirts, and I know it'll be around for awhile. Looks like my new obsession is Madewell tops. 

Dressed In - Madewell top, Gap jeans, Urban Outfitters shoes, H&M necklace