Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fish's Favorites: Fall 2017

With Christmas and several days of snow behind me, I think it's about time to put Fall aside and accept that it's time for winter (and being cold all the time.) I would say that Fall was actually a lot of fun. I dived head first into ethical sneakers and the Fall TV show lineup was very entertaining. Here's what made the short list for the season: 

Wearing: Back when the weather was warmer, I loved wearing these Brandy Melville pants. They are definitely a part of the pajama trend, but with a lining they inch their way clearly out of lounge wear and into the best everyday wear
This purse/backpack combo from Free People was another way of keeping things simple. It forced me to lighten my daily load and it's a great color for fall and winter. 
Overall, my favorite purchase was clearly these Po-Zu Star Wars sneakers. Easily the most comfortable shoe I own, and they were the start of getting excited for The Last Jedi

Listening: To be honest I didn't change up my listening habits much these past few months (i.e. Gallant, Bastille, Miike Snow, Paramore etc.) but I want to give these three a shoutout for slipping through the old standards. Oh Wonder is one of those lovely indie bands that I've heard a lot but haven't recognized until recently. Their vocal dynamic is pleasant and easy to listen to and the lyrics so heartfelt, it feels like I can listen to them for hours. On the other side of the spectrum, Craig David is an old favorite passed down to my from my parents. I was so excited to hear he had new music (I'm of course a year late, but still!) I particularly liked his collaboration with Bastille " I Know You." 


Applying: Miraculously my skin has been behaving, it just needed a small boost when the cold and dry air kicked in. I decided to try and remedy this with a few drops of argan oil in my normal moisturizer and it's worked wonders. It's nice to not only have a burst of moisture, but a bit of glow when usually I'd look a little haggard. 
I can't remember if I've featured it before, but the Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation has been my favorite base for a year now. It covers well, has a great color selection. and I feel like I could do any look from barely there to nearly full coverage with it. I can't imagine changing it anytime soon. Perfume has been a bit more of an emerging favorite. I found myself ignoring my collection and started using up some samples I had to get back into my love of fragrance. So far I've had fun mixing these Clean scent reserves. Sephora has a convenient gift package to get you started instead of buying the large bottles. My favorite notes are Warm Cotton, Rain, and Citron Fig.

Watching: Like music, I've been spending a lot of time just watching the latest seasons of shows I've already mentioned in previous favorites, but I did try and branch out a little. I'd been putting off the MCU on Netflix for a long time, waiting for the perfect time to binge watch them all. I finally decided to watch the first episode of Jessica Jones this season and it was really easy to get hooked to watching it every night. Every show has their distinct style, and though they all have their successes and faults, my favorite is DareDevil
Since I'm currently working in retail my mom suggested I watch Superstore and it was the best antidote for the Holiday season stress. I'm not sure if anyone who's never worked retail would appreciate it as much, but I feel like people should know the show is very close to life. 

What are looking forward to during Winter? I'm excited to make travel plans for the new year. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Her Universe and The Last Jedi Viewing Outfit

I love how the holiday season automatically means Star Wars. It's another awesome thing to do and appreciate this time of year, and it has become a tradition for my family to go see it together opening weekend. 

So when the season came around and there was a sale on Her Universe on Black Friday, it didn't take much beyond the $10 pricetag to convince me I needed a new tee shirt for The Last Jedi showing. I appreciate how unusual this design is compared to most other franchise shirts. I love the vintage posters, power stances, and logos on all the other ones, but this one feels a little more special, especially with the recent passing of Carrie Fisher. 

So many aspects of the movies connect to family, from the themes, to my own tradition, and the the inevitable connects between the generations of people who have grown up with the films. The vanity portrayal of Leia and Padme feels like a small moment to recognize the passing of the torch, and how Star Wars has reached so many people throughout the decades. 

Dressed in: Her Universe Tee (and available in plus size), Levi Wedgie jeans, Anthropologie earrings, Kylo Ren Socks (similar)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Some Old and Some New | Elbow Patches and Levi's 501s

I've been going through a winter cold this week, so I decided it was best to stay inside, away from the freezing temperatures. Snow filled pictures will have to wait until later. In the meantime, this outfit has a bit of old and new in it. 

The old is another pair of Levi's jeans, as if I need anymore. They were have a great Black Friday sale, and I couldn't pass up a classic pair of 501s. If you're interested in a pair it's important to note that these are a lot heavier than most jeans in the market today. These are some seriously heavy duty cotton jeans, but it morphs to your body in a more subtle way than spandex or elastane. They will also probably last me forever. 

To change up things a little, I've been poking around Etsy for some new options for clothes shopping. The site has always been a staple for a cute or nerdy graphic tee, but there's also great handmade and vintage gems. This shirt is on the simple side, but I like the little elbow patch detail. I think it'll take a lot of searching, but Etsy may be my next favorite shopping spot. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Room Redecoration: Gallery Wall

At the very start of this project I had no idea where anything was going, but I knew I wanted to make a gallery wall. I didn't have a paint color picked out or a layout in mind, but I had a Pinterest board full of art prints waiting for the right moment. 

Despite the certainty, this wall was the final part of the redecoration. I wanted to bring more dark, cool toned colors in the room so I focused on a dark purple and theme. If you Google gallery walls there are a lot of creative ways to set one up, but I played it a bit safe and did two of each size print and a bit of a mirror structure. 

The frames were a bit of a happy surprise. They were on sale at Michaels and since there wasn't enough in one color I hoped a mix of all tree would work. Thankfully, it did and I got to save a bit of money. 

As for fixing what I had before, my bed needed a cohesive color scheme. I kept the colors neutral and left the bolder colors to the prints instead. I also really wanted an actual nightstand. A dresser works and is great multifunctional piece, but I wanted to simplify. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas Fashion Wish List

Christmas Wish List

In the past couple of months I've had a lot of fun thinking about my wardrobe as a whole. Being away at college and a bit of chasing trends left it feeling disjointed and lacking some function. To combat this feeling I've made a lot of lists, searched through many sites, and tried to get a little more practical in terms of what would be useful and work with everything else I already have. With all that prep work I've got a clear sense of what I want for the upcoming season that keeps me away from those impractical impulse buys.

Free People Cardigan: A big textured cardigan would be great for some warmth, but adds more interest to an outfit beyond a simple, plain piece of knit.

TopShop Plaid Skirt: I noticed I have a lot of tights and knee high socks, but no skirts to go with them. How would a Rachel Berry or Rachel Green look ever work without a few mini skirts? 

Camp Carrie Bell Sleeve: Similarly, I found my shirts jump from short sleeves to sweaters, with only a few button ups in between. I think it's more a product of the weather rather than my inconsistencies, but some long sleeve blouses would be great to break up the tee shirt/sweater/coat combo. 

Beyond Skin Pewter Loafers: It may be a bit trend-driven, but I've found my love of ballet flats fading. I'd rather get something a little more sturdy but still with a lot of character, like these metallic loafers. 

Style Saint Bralette: My love for bralettes over bras feels like it'll never fade, but those things don't exactly last 100 wears. It's about time I've restocked.

Loeil Chrissie Earrings: I frequently forget to wear jewelry, but it doesn't stop me from lusting after these gorgeous gold earrings from Loeil.

Outdoor Voices Two-Tone Leggings Another item that just isn't in the same shape I bought it in is my workout gear. It's sad to let some of my older leggings and workout tees go, but I would love to try out some new brands that have popped up.
What are you hoping is under the tree this year?