Thursday, July 30, 2015


Lately I've been attracted to nautical themed things, hence this stripe filled, almost pirate like outfit. This new obsession is a  little odd because I can't really remember a time where I've been so drawn to anything oceanic, but then again my phone case is a drawing of a kraken, so maybe this love has just been in the back of my head all along. Either way, right now my eye is on anything with anchors, octopi, and blue stripes on it (particularly Modcloth's bedding.) 

Yay for weird phases,
xx Jasmine 

 Dressed in: Aerie tank, Urban Outfitters bra and sunglasses, H&M shorts

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Peek Into My Phone

I really enjoyed a post over at Hey Natalie Jean where she went through some of the things she had screenshot on her phone. It's a little nosey, but I loved getting a little peek into someone else's personality from what they deem worthy enough to screenshot. 
Feel free to take a peek into mine: 

Becca Tobin, Jenn Im, and Stephanie Villa
I love getting inspiration from these three. They all give me a nice reminder to have fun and take risks with my clothing choices. 

Jane Aldridge and Liu Wen 
Some more outfit inspiration and some lovely silliness. 

Dr. Woo
I'm a little obsessed with Dr. Woo's tattoos. Makes me itch for more ink. 

This is the original photo that made me want to get my lightening bolt tattoo. 

Absolutely adore Stromae. Can't wait to see him in October *squeals.* 

More Dr. Woo
Ok like REALLY obsessed with his tattoos. 

Colton Haynes and Hot Dudes Reading
Colton Haynes' Instagram is super entertaining and I not so secretly wish he was my BFF. Hot dudes reading also makes me laugh and blush every time they post. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm Blue

I have to say I really miss these blue balcony walls. I almost want to paint one of my bedroom walls just to recreate photos like these. I think it works really nicely here, because of the different shades of blue. After I posted my Blue inspiration post I found this off the shoulder top in TopShop and fell in love. Ever since the 70's trend started to come back I've wanted this top. I'm all for showing off my shoulders and back, and the color really changes up my usual color palette. These sunglasses are also my new favorite. They are essentially oversized version of the sunglasses that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and only $16. They're an absolute steal and I couldn't be happier with them. 

Blue, blue, blue,
xx Jasmine 

Dressed in: TopShop top, Urban Outfitters shorts, shoes, and sunglasses 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Photo Diary: Cancun

It was a short trip, but it was still a nice break and a rather gorgeous place to vacation. 

There were a few animals scurrying around the resort

Hibachi night 

A sunset boat ride

The view for the wedding 

Spread out on a chaise for dinner 

said chaise 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Wedding on the Beach

I may have forgot to mention it, but the whole reason for the family trip to Cancun was for my Dad's wedding. Picking out something to wear was a little tricky just because it was so hot and it was more of a casual event. I think this dress worked out nicely because it was light in color and structure. The short length also kept it a little more casual than the other midi length dresses I was considering buying.  I love dressing up so much and I can't wait until I get to go to another wedding or event again. Fortunately, I think I have one or two more this summer, so *happy dance* more dressed up outfit posts. 

xx Jasmine 

PS: I absolutely love these earrings and can't wait to get more ear crawlers. They are so cool and have definitely revived my love of earrings. 

Dressed in: Asos dress and earrings, Urban Outfitters heels 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Train Rides (A Video)


I never really expected to post a video I put together that wasn’t a school assignment up on my blog. The idea to add all the the train (and bus) videos I took of my travels around Europe and put them into one big special video just came to me while I was brainstorming one day. Making video content is not my favorite thing to do (I am firmly in the writing is the best thing ever corner), but it does really get my creative juices flowing. Plus, it’s nice to have a put together video I can watch to reminisce instead of scrolling through my Instagram page and finding ever short video and watching each of them separately. I guess it’s because I love consuming videos so much that, though it’s frustrating, I enjoy working hard to create the best thing I can. Maybe as time goes on I’ll make more video content on here, and maybe I’ll grow to love creating it. We’ll see. 

xx Jasmine 

PS: As I said this was not intended to be a compilation so sorry for the vertical shots and the shakiness.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Throwback on Wednesday

I wasn't planning on posting this, but I figured I'd feature something rather old. This is my graduation dress from eighth grade (pause for shock.) That's about 6 years ago. Though I don't usually keep a lot of clothes from that period of my life, I essentially haven't grown since then (though hopefully my style has.) At the time I kept this dress around for sentimental reasons, but in the past few years I've actually been wearing it occasionally. Though it's not my preferred shape of dress, it's nice (and 100% cotton so beautiful in humidity.) 

Unfortunately, I'm rather limited in resources here in Mexico and couldn't get a hold of a picture of me at my eighth grade graduation (it may be a throwback on my Instagram eventually), but I can describe it to you: I wore this dress, with the same Guess heels from my high school graduation. My hair was in a half up do, but it was humid, of course, and I barely knew how to deal with my hair so it was a tad frizzy and curly. I had to wear a white cardigan on top to appease dress code (because how dare I show my shoulders in the summer), and that was it. I don't really remember any jewelry, but I do remember that I kept my phone in my pocket and accidentally hit the podium with. I think only my principle and I heard so that's a plus. 

Dressed in: Loft dress (old), Urban Outfitters heels

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Packing for Cancun

Despite the stress and scrambling around this past week (don't order things you need to wear to a wedding a few days before you leave) I kind of love packing. This time around I'm staying in Cancun for a week. I never really thought about visiting Mexico, but so far it's been a pleasant surprise. Before I flood all my posts with outfits from my vaca I thought I'd share what I packed ... well at least some of it. Despite my love I'm a serial over-packer. So here's the edited down, pretty version: 

I'm absolutely obsessed with high waisted bikinis, and now I finally have not one but two *happy dance.* I also figured I'd bring along two regular bikinis so my tan lines aren't so strange. 

Target bikini top // Aerie bottoms and set // Zara bikini 

Tanks and Shorts 
Finding out that it was going to be super humid the entire time were here had me really digging into my closet to find light, breathable fabrics. This post from by Geneva at A Pair & a Spare really helped me out. Tank tops and shorts are also a nice foundation for anything really. 

Gap tank (similar) // Forever21 tank // Aerie tank (similar) // TopShop off the shoulder top //  
H&M shorts // Forever21 shorts // Urban outfitters cut offs

A wedding plus some nights eating out with the family means dresses. They are literally a savior in hot weather too. My long sleeve J. Crew dress was also great on the plane, where I was cold, but since it was 100% cotton, not unbearable once we landed. 

Loft dress, Banana Republic dress, ASOS dress, J. Crew dress 

Makeup and Skincare 
I really tried to pair down my makeup and probably could have made it even smaller if it weren't for the wedding (gotta look good for those pictures.) I stuck with really simple eyes and cheeks and had fun with a ton of lip products. And to help my skin through the shock of a new environment, sunscreen, makeup wipes for the plane and my ultimate fave moisturizer that genuinely keeps my skin from getting oily. 

[top to bottom, left to right] 

Vacation calls for an interesting piece you might not wear on a normal basis. For me it's this oversized boater hat. I love the shape and originally wanted a normal sized one, but I figured the larger brim would help protect me from the sun. There's a good chance there'll be a more traditional one in my future as well. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


When I found this top at H&M I was so excited to get it. The problem with summer sometimes is that it's wicked hot and humid, but the minute I step into a store, or usually the movie theater, I'm freezing. This sweater tank solves a bit of my temperature issues. The fact that it's cute and super comfortable are also a plus, and makes it easy to wear laying around the house. 
 Currently, I'm packing for a week in Cancun. I'm super excited, but I don't think I'm ready for how hot it's going to be. I guess we'll see soon enough. 

Hope your homeostasis is going well,
xx Jasmine 

Dressed in: H&M tank, Urban Outfitters bra, Gap jeans, Vintage and H&M necklace (similar