Friday, June 24, 2016

Wrap Dresses are the Bomb-Diggity

I figured if my wrap dress is featured in my favorites it deserved its own outfit post. Like I've said before, this dress is beyond comfortable and I want to wear it every other day. I'm sure one of Free People's long sleeve versions is headed to my closet before fall comes around. For now we'll focus on summer though, which means more sparkling fruit juice for me to try out. Orange Mango definitely makes the cut. 

Stay Sparkling, 
xx Jasmine 

Dressed In: Urban Outfitters wrap dress (similar here and here)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fish's Favorites: Spring 2016

Long time, no see! I'm having some serious laptop troubles, so it took me a couple of weeks to try and sort everything to post without it. Thankfully, it's on it's way to being fixed and I'll be back in full force soon.

In the mean time, I have a late favorites for Spring. Logically the end of the school year isn't a good time to become obsessed with anything besides exams, but in reality so many other things caught my eye. So here are some of those wonderful distractions.

Applying: It is always a great feeling when samples turn in to favorites. Josie Maran's mascara is much darker than the mascaras I'm used to wearing (the name black oil is not a joke!) and it gives me just the right amount of volume and length. My lashes are already quite long and I hate any sort of clumping and this little sample has been great (I've already bought a full size one.)

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in medium brown was more of a surprise, but has become just as much of a favorite. The color has just enough taupe in it and is just smooth enough to fill in my brows so it looks light and not like I took a sharpie to them. The brand seriously has eyebrows down.

Wearing: I was extremely excited to wear dresses again (minus all the layers) once it truly warmed up. This Urban Outfitters dress (similar)  has come out on top because it's so simple to throw on and is quite cute. I can't believe I went so long without owning a wrap dress. It has become a classic for its incredibly flattering shape and simplicity. Plus red is a great classic alternative to black. I wish it was made from cotton so I could wear it all summer long, but I guess I'll have to live with it being a spring dress.

I've also been slowly reintroducing jewelry in to my everyday dressing and I've taken a liking to my Etsy dinosaur ring from Jan Palombo Design. It's a little odd and easy to stack since it's adjustable. It's a fun start to the new jewelry collection I'm building.

Watching: One lovely morning I stumbled upon Qcknd's Tattoos I Was Refused video and spent the rest of weekend lazing around watching her videos. On top of all the things about tattoos I've learned from her, I've enjoyed her super casual approach and I look forward to seeing how her channel grows and getting involved in the great community she's created. Not only am I going in to my second tattoo with much more knowledge, but I found an awesome creator I'd actually love to meet. Check her out if you're interested in tattoos, veganism or just want a super cool and chill channel to watch.

Listening:One day I had Weight in Gold by Gallant randomly stuck in my head. I had heard the song ages ago so it was a bit out of the blue, but I'm glad it happened because I ended up listening to his whole album and it is amazing. He has a very modern R&B sound and an incredible falsetto. I've been obsessed with Ology and you should really check it out as well as his In the Room sessions on YouTube. Hopefully I'll be able to see him live soon.

May your laptops remain in good health,
xx Jasmine