Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bringing Summer Staples in to Fall

Normally, I'm not really in to the transition from summer into fall. I do enjoy the time, but style wise I don't go through the light layers phase because I get cold so easily. One day it's shorts and then I'm diving straight into sweaters. I'm not quite sure if this year will be any different (probably not), but I've been thinking about transition dressing, because I've been in love with my summer wardrobe this year. I'm having a tough time letting go, so instead I'll try to bring them into fall. Here's how: 

L'oreal Souffle blush in Plum and Benefit High Beam (mines a sample size) 

I am super in love with this combo. The cream blush and  highlighter give such a wonderful pink glow that's going to be so hard to give up when it gets colder.

Once it gets a little too cold for globs of highlighter I'll pair the blush with dark brown eyes to bring in a bigger contrast and a darker look. 

 Flat Sandals (similar

I bought these sandals at Target as something to wear everywhere and absolutely destroy and they've been very convenient. So convenient that I don't want to part with them. Seriously they go with all of my shorts. 

This one is kind of a no brainer and has been around for a while, but boyfriend jeans and your favorite Berkinstocks or sandals always work. Great for a causal September weekend. If you're not into that look you could go full New England and wear shorts with a sweatshirt instead.

H&M Floral Summer Tank (similar)

You may have seen this top in my summer uniform post,  but it can also be a great staple for fall. I think it'll would best if the top has a touch of black a grey, so it doesn't scream summer as much.

For the fall you can amp up that darkness with black jeans (mine are high waisted) and a dark red (Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 11) or purple lip. From flower child to sweet vampire.

Phone Cases - Kraken and Vintage Map 

Fall also means a new phone case ... at least for me, because my poor kraken has gotten rather beat up mostly due to me fooling around with it rather than dropping it. I wanted to give a shout out to the etsy shop Arete. I absolutely love her phone cases! There are just so many unique cases that I haven't found anywhere else. 

Get ready to move forward,
xx Jasmine 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Into the Woods

I'm still trying to organize and catch up from my mini hiatus while also trying to get everything ready for my move back to school. So, no outfit post this time around, but I went to a  state park to hang out with my mom and friends a few times this week and took a couple pictures. Sometimes a little nature is nice to break up normal life. 

Enjoy the trees,
xx Jasmine 

Let it be known that my palladium boots are amazing

Ok lets be serious I want another pair of these boots.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Yesterday (but actually last Thursday)

Things have been quite stressful recently, but I was able to have a night out with a bunch of my friends last week. It was a really good time and a nice pick me up. As I was getting ready this kind of Beatles fan girl look started emerging so I just went with it. The best part has to be that this dress is super comfortable. Party dresses in soft jersey-like fabric are life savers.

I only have two weeks left of summer and then I'll back at school. A bit weird to think about (it all seems so fast) but I'm excited and ready to spend more time in NYC and see my friends again. 

Here's some quick shots from the night. My camera is acting up a bit (I should be switching to a new one soon - any recommendations?) so I hope iPhone photos aren't too bad. 

Have some fun this week,
xx Jasmine 

Dressed in: H&M dress, L'oreal Colour Riche lipstick in British Red, very very old shoes (similar)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Not Quite Clueless

I was ecstatic when I saw this skirt was on sale. For all the denim skirts that have been floating around this is very much on the more unusual side, but still can basically be paired with anything. For me, and the heat, throwing on my Clueless tank top is a no brainer. 

xx Jasmine 

P.S. Have you checked out As If!? I cannot wait to get this book and read all about the wardrobe department on the Clueless set. With literary references and maybe a bit of linguistics it seems like such a delicious, nerdy read. There may be a book recommendation post in the future. 

Dressed in: Asos skirt, Forever21 tank