Saturday, March 29, 2014

Space Invaders

Spring Wishlist

Blue dress, $53 / Tee and Cake red top / American Eagle Outfitters black jacket / River Island high-waisted jean shorts, $50 / Pixel Bird Print Top Koshka / Zara leather shoes / Mini zip bag / COLOR REVOLUTION

Hello! I've been having some pretty winter like weather recently, but hopefully spring is on its way. In the mean time I've been lusting over spring and summer clothes and my procrastination has inspired this post. Like every other season I'm excited to purchase some new clothes as well as bring back some old ones from storage, but I'm particularly thrilled now because I think I've got a clearer vision of what I want my style to be. I think now's the time I can truly start rebuilding my closet from the mess that was high school. Let's hope that works out, but for now here's my wish list:

Blue Dress: I was never a big dress wearer but I've been falling in love with so many recently. This one is just all around great. The color, the unexpected zipper, the preppy touch of the collar. I've been eyeing up some floral, flowy frocks as well.

Leather Jacket: I've been meaning to diversify my coat collection beyond more than just function, so of course the long quest for the perfect leather jacket for me has begun.

T-Shirts: I can't resist a good tee especially when it relates to me. One of my favorite sodas and a print that reminds me of Space Invaders Galactica - it's a no brainer. Plus they are easy to throw on over shorts or a nice skirt.

Backpack: I'm not really sure whether to call this a holographic or reflective or whatever print but it reminds me so much of my childhood and it's quite possible I might buy everything with this print on it.

High Waisted Shorts: I've official become obsessed with anything high waisted.  As for shorts I prefer a darker, sleeker pair to the the typical light and cut-off style.

Buckle Heels: With all of the practical college shoes I've been wearing recently I miss heels a lot. This pair is perfect for me to get my fix, plus they seem pretty wearable so no major pain.

Sunglasses: I love these sunglasses!! I'm seriously hoping I can find a cheaper alternative soon.

That's all for my wishlist. I hope you have a great week! :) 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Seize the Day

Tee: H&M  Pants: Gap  Belt Bracelet: H&M

Hello! I didn't intend to have two posts back-to-back with star wars shirts, but I'm not going to complain. I took advantage of the one nice day we had last week with a bright and playful outfit. I was wearing nude colored flats, but they were hurting my feet a lot! My feet need to stop fluctuating between two sizes. Do yours do that?

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello! Last weekend I had my birthday, so I treated myself to a trip to the Guggenheim Museum and a walk through central park with some friends.

The museum was like no other I've been to. The architecture of the place is one of the most interesting aspects of going, and the openness made it easier to not lose my friends. I practically liked the Carrie Mae Weems exhibit Three decades of Photography and Video. Her views on the topics of modern women and African Americans were very interesting and the way she portrayed it through photography specifically was striking. Go check it out if you can, I enjoyed it a lot. 

beanie - Urban Outfitters 

Central Park 

Strawberry Fields

Friday, March 14, 2014

Some of My Favorite Things

Hello! The fashion weeks (or fashion month) consists of me constantly being on and avoiding my homework as much as possible. By the time Paris comes around I usually have to cut back and come back to reality and take care of all the things I've avoided, but I still think it's worth it. I was going to mention my favorite part of the entire month on my roundup but I decided it deserved it's own little post. 

When I looked through Rodarte's show for the first time and saw the Star Wars images I freaked out. A piece of clothing that is well made, unique, fashionable and includes something super nerdy that I love is my dream and I couldn't believe I was actually looking at it. 

All photos above from 

Not only one but two shows using Star Wars images? Be still my heart! I especially love the blouse, it reminds me of the Vadar pillow I have. The Preen by Thornton Bregazzi show mashed soft femininity with the harsh robotic like structure of Darth Vadar's helmet beautifully. 

With all of these awesome Star Wars pieces I had to break out my dark side t-shirt. I've also recently become obsessed with these pants. They are way more wearable then I thought disco pants, and pants like them, would be. As for the runway pieces, I hope this unexpected pop up means there will be more clothing that references some of my favorite nerdy things. And with that I'll leave you to soak in the awesomeness. Hope you have a great weekend! 

PS. Check out this great gif from Swell's Tumblr

Monday, March 10, 2014

Quick Take

Hello! Here are a few quick pictures of a day spent in the city about a week ago. I really enjoy easy, calm days like this because they are so far away from where I am now. My spring break, where I was suppose to be productive, ended up with me really sick. So, these pictures are up a little later than I wanted them to be, but I've got a lot of homework and medicine to get to. I'll resurface soon enough. I hope you enjoy your week!