Friday, February 3, 2012

Unleash The Nerd

It has been a very hectic week, but it is very nice to look back on the rare hiatus where I was finished with exams, but I hadn't started school yet. During this time I was inspired by the beautiful pair of electric blue glasses I got to unleash my inner nerd (as if taking very hard exams wasn't enough). So what follows are games and such that I recommend to help you unleash your nerd.

First is Scrabble Flash. I mentioned being addicted to this game over holiday break and my obsession hasn't waned at all! There are three games you can play including taking 5 letters and creating as many words as you can, being given 5 letter and trying to find the 5 letter word or a multi-player version of the second game (Each game has a time limit). This game absolutely brings out the competitive nerd in me (on top of the fact that I'm already a English nerd).

Next is the classic video games approach. Just Dance Three is good for any nerd who likes to dance or is totally willing to make a fool out of themselves. As you might have already assumed, it is a lot more fun to play Just Dance when you are with more people (this can also become very competitive). Now, my personal  favorite, Mortal Kombat. It is not an exaggeration to say that I have been playing many versions of this game for years (if I had to guess I would say I was around 9 the first time I played it). It is so much fun to fight with outrageous characters just to pass the time or let off some steam. I prefer it from more modern games because it is not realistic in anyway (like a game based on war), and it is also one of the original video games I was introduced to, which is more of a generation aspect rather than a true review. 

And of course, everyone needs background music to make you inner nerd happy;
Nrrrd Grrrl by MC Chris
Hey Molly by Mike Lombardo
Nerd Rage by Yourfavoritemartian 

Hope you have fun being nerdy
~Glasses: Calvin Klein
~Scrabble Flash by Hasbro
~Just Dance Three, Ubisoft
~Mortal Kombat Warner Brothers Games 

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