Sunday, January 27, 2013

Behind a Mask

 Dress: Urban Outfitter Shoes: Jennifer Lopez for Kohls Mask: Pier one imports Bag: (sorry this is really old so I'm not quite sure but i believe it was just from icings) 

Yesterday I attended a surprise party for one of my friends. The night was literally a bunch of first times: first time successfully using my curling wand, first masquerade, and first time being a part of a surprise party. As for the surprise party- they are definitely not overrated. It was so much fun seeing how surprised she was, and was really sweet of her sister to put together. Like surprise parties, I have loved masquerades, but had never been even remotely close to attending one. Though the mask can get bothersome at times, wearing it does give the added affects of mystery, leading to a very fun confidence rush. All in all, it was a very exciting night of trying new things. I really hope the stresses of my last year of high school will let up a bit so I can enjoy some more activities that I've never done before. I hope everyone else whose had (or will have) a January birthday has a happy one and if not then have a wonderful day.

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