Thursday, January 9, 2014

Looking Foward

Hello and Happy New Year! I thought the best way to start off the new year on my blog would be looking forward. This past year has been in equal parts good and bad. Though reviewing the past year can be useful, going through items and events I'm excited to use and attend is a lot more fun.
My shoe a day calendar

The spring semester is going to go super fast since I have a ton of breaks. I'll be heading back and forth a lot from home to school and this cute makeup bag from Sephora will be traveling with me.

One of my Christmas gifts was Burberry Brit Sheer. I love it because it's fruity but not overpowering, and I can't wait to wear it come Spring time.  

I picked up a bunch of fun socks recently; I see more skirts and cropped pants in my future. 

And the Holy Grails are tickets to see Arctic Monkeys and a school trip to Rome. The concert is in February and my ten days in Rome isn't until May but knowing these two event are actually going to happen makes 2014 the best already.  
I hope you're excited for the new year
X Jasmine

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