Monday, June 16, 2014

Rained Out

 dress: H&M coat: Columbia 
necklace: vintage blue nail polish: Essie "In the Cab-ana" glitter nail polish: Formula X "Freaky like Freud" 

Here I was, all ready for cute, summer outfits when the weather decided to not cooperate. Instead, its been raining with only a few days of reprieve here and there. So my cute, summer outfit turned into a more cold weather one. On the upside, on this gloomy day I finally found a raincoat that I liked. Months ago I spotted a North Face one that was more of a trench style than usual raincoats, but I decided to pass on it because of the price. Since then I've been searching for another one similar and found this Columbia one while my brother dragged me out to look at soccer cleats. I love the color because it's a neutral, but not a harsh black. Plus it has a trench style which I think looks more put together than the usual jacket style. I'm sure it'll come in handy, but I hope the rain does ease up at least for the summer. As for the rest of my outfit I kept it comfy because I took a long car ride to see my cousins dance recital. I loved going to see her dance (she's so cute) and my dress made my outfit a bit fancy but since it was loose and soft I was never uncomfortable. Though, it does look more orange than the coral color it is in real life. I hope you have a great (rain free) week! 

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