Friday, January 20, 2012

Strength, Knowledge, and 60's

I bought this dress after reading Nylon's January issue and finally convincing myself to try my hand at something 60's inspired. Though this is a more modern take of the type of dress I still love it and can't wait to wear it again with dramatically winged eyeliner and super retro heels, but for now I took on a more tame approach because I was being inducted into my school's National Honors Society. While at the ceremonies the many speakers reminded me of the idea of achieving in various categories. I always want to show people that just because my future and passion is rooted in fashion and other arts doesn't mean I can't keep a high GPA and be a strong, able person. Don't be stereotyped by someone and don't stereotype yourself. (kinda cheesy, but we'll just ignore that =P ). 

~Dress: Forever 21
~Tights: Forever 21
~Ring: Thrift store 

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