Monday, January 9, 2012

Hanging out by a Window

Ughhhhh! It has obviously been too long of a gap between posts, but lets just jump right in. I wore this two days ago to head out for the last of the after Holiday sales. It's almost obnoxious how much the prices drop! But since it most likely wont change, I embrace it and indulge in shopping sprees, one of them being how I got both the sweater and shorts of this outfit. During the break I mainly shopped and played my new favorite nerd game; Scrabble Flash. Seriously, its addicting and a word nerds best friend. There will be more posts to come soon. Promise! 
P.S. No I am not wearing random, hipster glasses. They are my real ones . . . with a prescription and everything! =P 

~Sweater: Forever 21
~Shorts: H&M
~Tights: Forever 21
~Shoes: Restricted


  1. Making windows cool, 2k12. I don't get people who wear fake glasses, just why would you want to not be able to see??

  2. thanks, and I so agree. I've worn worn glasses since fourth grade and now all of a sudden everyone is wearing fake ones, it doesn't really make sense!