Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sweet Unicorn

 Top: Urban Outfitters Cardigan & Hat: Target Jeans: Gap Boots: BX by Bronx 

Yesterday was just an all around lovely day. I don't usually wear hats, but after having this blue one around from Christmas gift last year I decided I'd try to tackle my fear and try it out. It came out surprising well and (literally) topped off a very cozy outfit. With an early start I got to chuck a pumpkin with the help of a few of my friends who are in a robotics club. It was very cool, even though my pumpkin was rather rotten, and I can't wait for Thanksgiving when the Discovery Channel airs the huge, hardcore Pumpkin Chuckin. I also got to do a little shopping that gave me a lot of ideas for upcoming purchases and outfits. Not to mention a very sweet chocolate peanut butter milkshake from Johnny  Rockets.
Now most of my energy is being put towards getting ready for this hurricane that is hitting soon. My area is just getting the outskirts of it, but I might be without power for awhile so I have no clue when my next post will be =(. Despite this I'll try to update frequently on my tumblr and twitter through my phone. I hope everyone stays safe and if you are far away from Hurricane Sandy then have a lovely week. 

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