Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Vs. New York


This past week during Spring Break I went to Boston and New York City and thought I'd do a little comparison. Nothing major, the disputes are already extreme enough, just thought it'd be a little teaser before I did separate photo diaries for each of them. I hope everyone enjoyed they're vacation or regular week. 

Boston - H&M blazer, Urban Outfitters tee, Gap Jeans, converse, case found here

New York City - H&M blouse, J.Crew necklace, Gap jeans, Converse 
Boston - Purse from H&M, CK Shock lotion, Smashbox lip gloss in divine, Coach wallet, glasses cloth, Kleenex, purell, BurtsBees chapstick 
New York City - I don't really know why I thought my purse contents would differ but I brought along my camera this time and used a purse I got from Macy's 

Boston - This (white chocolate mocha espresso) could very well be my new favorite Starbucks drink. It's so  creamy and reminds me so much of Christmas  
New York City - The Starbucks was super crowded (obviously) so I didn't really think ahead so I just went with my go to, an iced mocha frappacino. Unfortunately, this thing made me so much colder then I thought it would, oh well. (PS it was so loud in there he got my name wrong , lol) 

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