Thursday, February 5, 2015

Paris: The Halfway Point

That famous statue thing

Hello! While traveling I'm trying out some new types of posts, and I figured I'd write about my thoughts on Paris and share a few pictures since I'm half way through my stay. So far I've pretty much seen all of the typical Parisian sites which is insane to think about. I can now say I've been to places that so many people reblog on Tumblr and dream about traveling to. Everyday I'm struck with how much of a privilege it is to travel and how lucky I am to be able to, especially at a young age. I still have those pinch-me moments where I can't believe I'm actually in Paris. 

If it hasn't come across yet let me state: I love Paris. Though, so far, my one true love is still NYC, Paris has the elements I love about NYC mixed with a richer history and older architecture that I enjoy a lot. That older nostalgia-like feel around Europe is so different to the suburbs and modern cities back home. It's something I've come to look forward to everywhere I go. Some more key elements that makes Paris so lovely include;

1. Bread is always a side dish 
2. Smiling at strangers on the street is frowned upon -- Long live my resting bitch face
3. Real sugar (though this is essentially anywhere but America) 
4. Desserts are important and delicious. 
5. Window shopping is a huge city wide past time I could definitely get behind. 

One huge concept I've been confronted with is the forever discussed french girls. I never bought into the French Girl persona before traveling here. I found them interesting, but I wasn't nearly as obsessed with them as other people seem to be. Oh how wrong I was. Whenever I go out these girls exude such an air of easy grace, effortlessness, and natural confidence. It's mesmerizing. 

Excuse me while I go buy every Parisian women centric book on Amazon
xx Jasmine 

A street near campus

The back of Notre Dame and the Siene 

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