Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Chamber Has Been Opened

Recently I've had a bit of an obsession with Zara. With the sales and all of the cute clothes how could I resist picking up this top? The store has been super helpful with redefining my style and providing clothes and accessories that'll last a little longer than the average H&M or Forever21 piece. Needless to say A LOT of what I packed for this trip was Zara, and you'll see all of it on this blog as the semester continues. 

As for my wanders around Paris, I recently went to the Catacombs. It was equal parts creepy and fascinating. Going there is a bit nerve-racking because it's so enclosed and far underground. If you get nervous in tiny spaces or are claustrophobic I'd definitely skip out on this site. Thankfully, I was able to get through it despite the disturbing lack of light and space, and eventually I was rewarded with the bones. I was very excited to see the bones, especially the skulls, but once you actually get to the entrance it really hits you that you are surrounded by millions of human bones from centuries ago. As you go along you start to get used to it, but it's still such a weird and unique experience. On the more positive side, it felt like I was either in the Chamber of Secret or in a Mummy movie which is beyond cool and totally worth the crazy, spiral, crawlspace stairs (though my calves don't agree). 

Beware the heir of Slytherin, 
xx Jasmine 

Dressed in: Zara top, Zara purse (similar here and here) , Brandy Melville jeans, Asos boots, H&M bracelet 

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