Friday, February 19, 2016

Off Again: Dublin, Ireland

Exactly a year ago I was leaving Paris for Rome. Just that sentence is a mind blowing for me. It'll hit me once in a while; the fact that I've studied abroad and been to so many places. It's like I can't comprehend it as a whole, so occasionally a moment will sneak up on me and leave me in awe. Finishing up that semester was rather sad because I didn't know the next time I'd be able to travel. 

Fortunately, I'm currently taking a flight to Dublin. I can remember my english teacher back in high school speaking about how much she loved Dublin and so many other places she's traveled to. She made me want to travel as much as possible, even more than I already did. Now that I'm getting my chance to go I couldn't be more excited. A new city to explore and be in wonder of. 

This also means more outfit posts to come, in retribution for my impromptu break, and plenty pictures of the city as well. Of course I'll be all over my Instagram if you aren't patient to see photos (I wouldn't be patient enough either.) 

Bon Voyage, 

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