Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On Striped Shirts and A Trip to a Tim Burton Bar

If there's any time to wear a black and white striped tee and purple lipstick it's when you go to a Tim Burton inspired restaurant. I wanted to go to Beetle House ever since it opened last spring, but with all the hype it was booked up until September. Crazy, but waiting was actually a gift because we landed a reservation in October, the most Tim Burton of months. 

The restaurant itself is quite cool. The ambience is dark and a tad creepy, but it leans more towards fun than anything truly scary. On the walls are some fan art from all the films among other ambiguously dark items, including candles, skeletons and a pair of open legs protruding from the wall.  My favorite part was hearing everyone sing along to the restaurant's playlist, all songs from the various films of course. 

The very appropriate striped top is a TopShop purchase I made a couple months back and unfortunately I'm not quite happy with it. Though it's pretty plain I can't quite pair it with anything else in my wardrobe. You win some, you lose some, I guess. On the bright side the rest of my outfit is made up of long standing favorites. I'm particularly happy it's now chelsea boot season. I might even consider getting a second pair. 

Sweet nightmares, 
x Jasmine 

Dressed in: TopShop top (in black), H&M zipper skirt (similar and similar in red), ASOS chelsea boots, J. Crew tights, Zara purse (the new city bag) 

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