Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fish's Favorites: Summer 2016

It's official: summer has closed up shop and left us. The weather is finally getting colder and we're all starting to change our Starbucks orders to make them seasonally appropriate. So, as a last farewell, here are my Summer Favorites. I'm sure some of them will continue to pop up in the fall. 

Wearing: Summer isn't summer without a good pair of denim shorts. Levi's pulled through for me once again with their Wedgie shorts. Gross name, but they encompass a truly vintage fit from the button closure to the ultra high waist. And as adversited, they make your but look amazing. 

Applying: I have loved sheet masks ever since they became the new it skincare thing, but I went really ham for them over the summer. I've branched out a little, but I always come back to these Tony Moly ones. It's easy to determine which one I need and they seriously get the job done. 

Summer always brings on the need to mattify as well, and I decided to splurge for the Make Up Forever Mattifying primer this time around. It has been one of the best makeup purchase I've ever made. It's serious about mattifying and I feel like the tube will last me forever. So worth the high price tag.

Sipping: During the summer I branched out into brewing my own iced tea and it was an adventure. In many cases I wish I had just bought the premade stuff, but Tea Guys was an exception. Their seasonal flavors are unique and delicious, and they have samples so you can test a flavor out before you dive into buying in bulk. I'll be keeping an eye out for their fall and winter brews. 

Watching: This summer was all about cooking. I can't say I've gotten better at it, but I sure did watch a lot of Chopped and Pioneer Woman. Chopped is just one of the best competition shows. I love how the chefs deal with the time limit and I love the junior competition as well (even when it makes me feel like an inadequate adult.) Pioneer Woman is great for living vicariously through a country women. There is no way I would live anywhere besides a city, but it's fun to imagine it and everything she makes looks seriously delicious. 

Time to indulge in all the pumpkin spice, 
x Jasmine 

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