Lace Up Top at Black Tap

The first glimpse of some warmth you have to break out some spring clothes, right? Even if you have to throw on a winter coat on top, it's worth it to get out of the sweater and layers monotony. This Madewell top is super wrinkle-prone, but they nailed toeing the line between a sexy lace shirt and a laid-back peasant shape. 

It's also nice to break out my Vans again. Not only does all the blue and pink lift up my mood a bit, but I'm also in such a Star Wars mood with the celebration, teaser trailer, and May 4th coming up. 

I took this good mood to Black Tap to enjoy a seriously good burger. I didn't get a milkshake this time around, but it was nice to sing along to the loud hip hop music and chow down (if you're willing to wait in the line.)  

Dressed in: Asos coat (similar), Madewell blouse (similar 1,2), Gap jeans, Star Wars Vans and a Modcloth bag 


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