Saturday, May 6, 2017

Adventures in DIY and Buying the Wrong Clothes

In the past year, I've tried to break the bad habit of buying clothes that don't actually fit me. Most of the time, I avoid wearing these items because they just don't look right. I also seem to always have something better to do than try and DIY them to make them work. Though it's difficult when nearly everything is made for someone taller than me, I had been doing pretty well in this quest, until this dress. 

The Dress 
I'd been searching for a red halter dress to live out my fantasies of recreating some Bianca Jagger looks and after some nights hunched over my laptop searching, I pounced on this lace one from ModCloth since it was on sale. It was perfect, until it arrived and the neckline cut down to nearly my belly button. After months of it sitting in my closet, I finally resolved the issue with a strip of snap-buttons I found at the craft store. With some patient sewing it's finally something I can wear (though my skills in sewing up the raw ends need some work.) 

The Jacket 
Since I was already on a DIY roll, I also ironed on some patches to my beloved J. Crew jacket. I think they will be many future Etsy purchases to fill this jackets with random nerdy patches. Recommendations are much appreciated. 

Dressed in: ModCloth lace dress (similar here and here), J. Crew jacket, Vans X Star Wars shoes, Threadless Mars Rover patch

This patch is from the Harry Potter Studio Tours 

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