Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Fever

Belarus - Picture from Here

Netherlands - Picture from Here

Great Britain - Picture from Here
To help out with my current obsession over anything related to the United Kingdom, though it's more like a constant admiration in my life, I have been wasting my time not only on the computer, but also watching the Olympics. The opening ceremony was beautiful, and nothing like I ever expected. My house mainly consisted of me blurting out random trivial facts about Britain and my Mom making fun of my complete lack of geographical skills. Despite the craziness of my mother and I, I very much enjoyed watching all of the countries walk in to the stadium. Since nothing is complete without a little fashion, I picked my top three uniforms. Belarus I liked so much simply because I wanted to wear it the instant I saw it. The Netherlands was just so clean, sharp and colorful even I wanted to wear orange. And lastly the United Kingdom looked like rock stars and were ready  to compete and party. Hope you are enjoying the Olympics as much as I am.    Do you have a favorite? 

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