Wednesday, June 26, 2013

At Last (My Arm is Complete)

Dress- Banana Republic Shoes-Guess( I wore them to my
eighth grade graduation as well)
I graduated last night. Those word seem so heavy, and they are, but at the same time I feel more relieved. It's unfortunate that high school has made me a bit cynical and events in my life have made the end of my high school career rather bittersweet, but despite that I was happy because other people and moment in my life so far were able to outshine that last night. The heaviness of the night comes from nervousness. (warning this is going to be cliche but -) this is not the end. There is a whole world I am eager to explore and really soon I will have to make decisions that will define my future and either bring me forward in my life or keep me in the same spot. That's a lot of decision making I'm going to be constantly think about and have restless nights about as well, but right now I just want to remember one thing; As I walked across the stage to receive my diploma I shook the Superintendent of schools hand and he told me,"Keep writing". I will.

PS: The title is from Sweeney Todd. Not really appropriate, but funny =)
My top twenty medal and National Honor Society cords
I hope everyone who has graduated this year had a great time and I hope you are proud of yourself .

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