Saturday, June 22, 2013

Glory Days Ahead

Yesterday was officially the first day of summer hooray! I have been anticipating this summer for so long because high school is over for me and I have no summer work to complete and have the time (mostly) free to do whatever I want. That means . . .

Cute Summer Outfits

 Top- Gap shorts-Forever 21 Hair tie- H&M 

Easy Reading  

Talking to girls about duran duran by Rob Sheffield: A young man (Sheffield) going through life as a teenager in the 80s
Rookie Yearbook 1: A collection of pieces from rookie magazine all about being a high school-er (odd to read this now that I am done with high school, but I see it as more of a reflection upon my last four years. I will be talking about this more once I finish it.)
The Liar, the bitch, and the wardrobe by Allie Kingsley:  A girl caught up in the whirlwind of working for world-famous fashion photographer
yes please =)

And a soundtrack behind it all

My new favorites are- 
What's the Matter by Milo Greene 
I Like you so Much Better When you're Naked by Ida Maria 
Latch by Disclosure 

I can't wait for future days of hangin' around and going to a few trips I have planned for the upcoming months and I can't wait to blog all about them as well. I hope you're having a good beginning to your summer as well. 

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