Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prom Time

Hello! I have been MIA for a bit, but during that time at went to prom where the theme was The Great Gatsby, so here is my semi-huge prom post.

This year I decided to wear a tux because I thought it would be cool and super different plus I could't stop looking at pictures of Camilla Belle rocking a sleek white one years ago on tumblr. I ended up getting a jacket and pant from Zara. The pants fit perfectly and the jacket was a little loose, but the pants were able to balance it out. I was pretty determined to wear a true tuxedo shirt (pleats, black buttons and all) but the only one I could find was in men's sizes on amazon. On the bright side it was cheap, but I also had to do a little tailoring by myself to to get it to fit better. Thankfully I didn't totally butcher my shirt and it came together well with my ombre Nine West heels, light blue bow tie, and The Great Gatsby book clutch.

I got my nails done this time around and got my rings from Francesca's Collection 

I made my own book clutch and it came out messier than I would have liked but it was pretty hard thing to do. 

Cute Gatsby inspired center piece 
I won best shoes =) 
PS: Look out for a pros and cons list of wearing dress versus wearing a tux to prom on my tumblr and if you want to make your own book clutch here is this the link to wear I learned - Link 

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