Tuesday, August 13, 2013

History Adventures

Last week my brother went to Marist College to play in one of their day camps, so my mom and I had a good day of bonding. I kinda just threw on something once I woke up and I ended up with this. I'm not a huge fan of peasant style shirts, but the weather was gorgeous and worked even though I should have probably worn my converse with all of the walking we ended up doing that day. After doing a little shopping we headed to the FDR library and museum. It was super cool. I especially like how interactive it was with games, recordings, and tablet like boards everywhere that contained even more information about the era and FDR. Below are pictures from inside the museum, mostly quotes I thought were very interesting, and some from one of the trails my mom and I walked on the property. 

my little cousin gave me a temporary tattoo the day before 

The outside of the library and museum 

This was Roosevelt's study  

This was one of the cool interactive things that let you listen to radio sessions

I hope one day I have a desk half as cool as this

This was kept in Eleanor's handbag  

a little cliff on the trail

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So the picture above comes with a story. There was a fork in the road so my mom and I stood there for a minute to figure out which way to go. While I was looking the other way my called out "wow" in surprise. I turned around and she told me she saw an animal. Once she said that I started to freak out b/c A) I'm a total wuss and B) As I mentioned before I was foolishly decided to wear sandals instead of converses so there was no way I would be able to get away from some crazed attack that my wild imagination was thinking up. And then my mom says something that I will probably never forget - "It was either a dog or a deer." After that I just started reminding her how stupid that statement is as we picked a trail and kept walking. Come to find out it was a deer. I took two pictures (from very far away) and then dragged my mom back the way we came because as I stated before I'm a wuss and there was no way I  was getting closer to that deer even though my mom wanted to. All in all we made it back to the parking lot, exhausted and weren't mauled by a deer =) 

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