Saturday, July 12, 2014

Flower Power

Hello! We are well in to shorts season which is a return to the age old problem I also have with jeans: they fit my thighs and butt but leave a gaping hole in the back. With my lack of success in buying some new shorts that actually fit I decided to DIY some old jeans I had lying around that sorta fit. I found this Buzzfeed article through Pinterest which has a lot of great ways to make and decorate some cutoffs. I chose to cut a high low hem. To decorate I stitched my old numbers from cheerleading onto the back pocket and used a box cutter to create more fraying and holes. (If you want to add some nerd related patches I'd check out Etsy. There are a ton that are great and cheap) I like how they came out. I hope to do some more DIY projects this summer. 

tank top: Urban Outfitters belt: Gap boots: Palladium nail polish: Butter London in Goss 
listening to: Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz 
for the record, I was staring at a web that had two spiders nearby so my face is totally justified

short necklace: Forever21 long: H&M 

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