Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Those Little High Waisted Shorts

The universe seems to be against me taking pictures anywhere outside of this bed. I wore this outfit with some sheer tights earlier, intending to take picture out in the city, but that morning they ripped and continued to get runs in them through out the day. Guess we'll have to make due. 
I find this outfit so simple and cute. The sweater is easily the best thing I bought this summer. It's thin, but the softness of it beats anything I have in my closet. I break out these shorts every time I decide to be cute for the day. Unfortunately, they're super old and I haven't found anything similar to them in H&M, but there are a few on ModCloth's site that I've been eyeing. 

I hope your luck this week is much better than mine. 
xx Jasmine 

Dressed In: sweater -Tommy Hilfiger shorts: H&M (old) knee socks - ASOS

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