Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 College Tips that are Actually Useful

Seeing as I'm half way through my second year of college, I think I have enough experience now to actually share some college tips. Tips, of course, that are useful and I haven't seen in all the other college advice I perused before moving in a year ago. 

1. Get your laundry on: First and foremost, learn how to do laundry before you go to college. There is nothing more irritating than being unable to do your laundry because someone thought it was a good idea to put two shirts each in five dryers. Broken washers and dryers are going to happen eventually (they're being used quite a lot), but some malfunctions can be avoided. I swear laundry is really simple to do, so go on and learn.

2. Eww Bugs: This tip comes from a lot of experience; learn how to kill bugs and spiders on your own. I am guilty of making my family kill spiders whenever I find them in my room, but when there's a bug in your dorm and you and your roommates are fighting over whose going to kill it your going to wish you had the nerve to just get it over with. I would recommend using a shoe or broom so you are able to keep your distance from the icky bug. I also find just doing it without thinking beforehand helps a lot in overcoming the fear. Or you could just ask a guy down the hall to kill it for you (I'm guilty of that as well).

3. Google everything: This tip may seem pretty obvious, but I think because it's so obvious we forget how much knowledge is actually on the internet. My roommates and I have taken to yelling "Google it!!" every time any of us ask a questions because it usually solves the problem. Don't know how to get to the museum - Google it. Want to unclog the drain yourself instead of waiting for the maintenance guy - Google it. You ripped your fave shirt and don't know how to sew- Google it. You get the gist. 
If you want tips on using Google for school work go - Here and Here 

4. Nom Nom Nom: I highly recommend having a few snacks and candy in your dorm. They'll come in handy for studying, late night movies, and general candy emergencies. I usually go for some Reeses, tea, and whatever snack I'm obsessed with at that time. Currently I love pudding. 

This is my school bag. Litographs makes tees, bags, and prints that are made completely of all the words in a book. I chose the book A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce because it's one of my favorites. The bag is super sturdy and big enough to hold everything you desire. I stuff
a notebook, laptop, book, and a water bottle, in there on a daily basis and it still holds up. 

5. Organization is key: In many ways going to University means you get to stop doing all of the things you thought were stupid in High School, but having an agenda or planner is not one of them. With classes more spaced out it's really easy to forget due dates, test days, or just the reading you had to do. Whether it's on your iPhone or in a booklet, writing down what you need to do and important dates from the start will help you a lot in the long run. 

6. Put in some effort: Though it can be super fun to nap and completely fill a day exclusively with eating popcorn and watching Netflix, it is wise to put in some effort socially whichever way you would like. I tend to forget all of the cool events that are going on around campus until I finally drag myself to one, and can't believe I forgot how fun it can be to hang out with friends more often and to talk to new people. There are also a lot of career oriented functions at my school that a lot of people forgo, but are actually very useful. "Get involved" is such a tiresome saying, but despite that it's still the best way to have some fun. 

7. Throw it on: One of the best things to have in your arsenal as a college student is a "go-to outfit". Something you can throw on when your friends come to your door and say we're all going to get donuts late at night. A graphic tee and skinny jeans are always a good base. I usually throw on my Aston Villa jacket because it's an easy way to add color and has been a good conversation starter. I also get cold super easily, so yay no goosebumps. 

8. Fuzzy, cozy, on your feet: The first thing I frantically asked my mother to send me once I was already moved in was some slippers. Especially in my first semester, I spent a lot of time in the halls and lounges playing games, meeting people, and generally goofing around. Trust me when I say you are going to want some sort of slipper or thick sock for these activities. Wearing real shoes is too much of a bother, but going bare foot (though I love it) is kind of gross when you realize how many people live in your building. Trust me, buy the slippers. 

9. Slap it on your face: On the same wave as the "go to outfit", makeup that you can just slap on your face before heading out of the dorm is great. I'm personally not a fan of looking like I just rolled out of bed when I go to class, but if I'm feeling extra lazy these products come in handy. Korres Lip Butter not only moisturizes but also gives a tint of color to you lips and that's already a huge step to not looking dead. After that I would head straight to eyebrows. To frame my face and (hopefully) achieve good eyebrow game, I uses NYX's Eyebrow Cake Powder. I love my eyelashes and take my mascara very seriously, so even if I'm beat those puppies are getting a few coats. Right not I'm in love with Eyeko's Black Magic Mascara

10. The most important of all: If you don't already know about 8tracks.com then this tip will be life changing. 8tracks hosts tons of playlists made by users. Though fun, this site is my (and many students) holy grail when it comes to studying, especially when finals roll around. Make sure you take a look around the site and find the study playlists that work for you. The three below are my favorite. And always remember to have an extra pair of headphones. If you don't your current ones will die and you will cry. Trust me. 


Hope these tips helped. 
xx Jasmine

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