Sunday, June 28, 2015

Throw It All In: 4 Essential Bags to Have

I started thinking about my purse collection as a whole back in September when I realized I didn't really have any evening or night out bags. Alas, I have not chosen the perfect going out bag yet, but all the pondering gave me an idea of how I want to trim down the number of bags I have and make what i have more well rounded. So, here's a list of 4 essential bags to have. I don't think I'll get down to owning only four purses (there's always a cute one catching my eye that I can't resist), but it's a pretty straight forward guideline to keep in mind. 

1. The evening/going out bag

With this type of bag I think you can have the most fun. I think a fun, nerdy, or even just strange bag balances nicely with formal wear and adds some fun to an outfit. Nothing too serious.
 TopShop fur clutch (similar) // Asos robot clutch

2. The everyday bag

 I've tried to reduce the size of what I tote around with me everyday with my Zara bag, but usually these ones are big, neutral colored, strong bags that hold everything I need. I like having two, one for the warmer seasons one for the colder, just to change it up and compliment the style of clothing I wear in that season a little better. Be careful about choosing this one and consider the color, structure, and durability, because I think it should stick with you for awhile (and maybe keep your back and shoulders in mind also.) 
Zara mini city bag // Target bucket bag

3. Small crossbody bag 

 I like to think of this one as my hiking bag. I don't actually hike often, but if I did I'd bring this kind of bag. This one is particularly small, but anything that can hold just the essentials works. It's brilliant for when you want to make sure you have money, your phone, and the lipstick you're wearing, but don't want to carry it or shove it in your pockets -- easy and never in your way.

4. The extras 

These ones you can tailor to suit your life. I still need a school bag (which you can see here), a beach bag, and a drawstring backpack for when I go to the gym. I guess it's possible to use one bag for all of those places, but for me when everything has it's one specific job things run a little smoother. Plus, I think you have to leave a little room for the strange hot air balloon bag you found and can't possibly live with out. 
Under Armour drawstring bag // The Body Shop gift bag 

Happy shopping,
xx Jasmine 

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