Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lipstick From Space: Covergirls Star Wars Collection

Well, long time no write. This school year is starting to feel a lot like my third year in high school; me drowning in work. More likely, three concerts in one week was not a good idea (more on that later.) 
A much brighter spot is my lipsticks from the CoverGirl Star Wars collection finally came in, and I found some time to take some pictures of them. I was super excited about this collaboration when I first heard about it. Though I would have loved to see a wider range, it's not everyday that you get a sci-fi makeup crossover and the metallic lipsticks seemed like a fabulous idea anyway. Plus, it's hard not to lust after everything when you see Pat McGrath's advertisements for the collection. She truly went all out in an otherworldly, shiny, sharp direction and I was totally into it. 

Though I originally was set to pick up the gold color (#40) it looked too much like a Rimmel lipstick I already had, so I took a leap and got the red instead (#30). The risk paid off because this color is pretty awesome. In person the metallic finish is evident and the raspberry tone is filled with gold glitter. Maybe not my everyday look, but for something special or just a unique day this lipstick would be super cool.

The purple lipstick (#50) was the first one to catch my eye when I looked through the products, but I can't help but be a little disappointed. It was super hard to put on because it kept smearing and was patchy. I wore it for the rest of the day and the whole time I was worried it had moved around my face. With a lipliner I think the look can be salvageable, like NYX's Currant or Urban Decay's Venom. Another con is despite its smearing it stains your lips like there's no tomorrow. The color has a very clear redish-pink undertone and that's the color your lips will be for most of the next day (I wasn't able to remove it with a makeup wipe.) I really do love the color despite it not really having a metallic finish, so I may pick up one of the liners to help out, but it may be wise to steer clear of this one.

May the force be with you,
xx Jasmine 

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