Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New York Fashion Week S/S17

New York Fashion Week seemed quite bright and fun this year. This may be due to the longevity of the warm weather we're having (I mean seriously it's practically October and still 80!) Or maybe  everyone just wanted to take a break from being serious (something a college senior can very much appreciate) Either way, I found some great trends to fuel my spring shopping come March. Here are some of my favorites: 

Fun Proportions: I always feel a little lost trying to find interesting tops to wear. It's the easiest piece to get into a bit of a rut with, but bubble sleeves are to the rescue. The change is simple, but has an immediate impact in making something more unique. The Delpozo collection had a plethora of odd proportions in all their pieces as well, stretching the boundaries of what I'd wear a little further. 

PJ pants: Once I discover the secret of how to wear loose pants when you're short, I'll be hopping into pajama style pants. Being chic and comfy is always my goal. 

Dresses: My love for dresses has obviously not diminished, though I am surprised with the amount of ruffles this season. I don't think I'll don a full sequined, 80s frock anytime soon, but a touch of hankerchief hem here and ruffle cape there I can do. 


I think this is the third time I've picked Marissa Webb's show as an overall favorite of the week. It always feels like I could wear the entire collection every season. It's quite familiar, but still has new elements to try out. She also encourages my green jacket obsession, so she'll always be a favorite. 

J. Crew was definitely the surprise of the week. I loved the use of non-models, and they had a great bit of fun dashed into their classic, preppy style. I was more drawn to the beige looks because the pink was a tad too bright for me, and I'm getting little sick of blue, but everything looked lovely and wearable. The show was also a clear indication that ruffles are going to everywhere very soon. 

A look at Eva Chen's Instagram story and a quick peek at Vogue's review was all it took to put Altuzarra at the top of my list. The collection was so bright and interesting it makes me want to never wear black again.  You can't avoid the positivity of the collection. I also enjoyed how the structure of the clothes was still clean and simple. Joseph Altuzarra told Vogue Runway, "I wanted something that felt happy, joyous, flirty, and fun." I instantly got those feelings seeing the collection and those are the best kind of clothes. 

Enjoy thoughts of summer while you still can,
x Jasmine

All Photos from Vogue Runway

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