Thursday, November 10, 2016

Book Rec: Where Am I Now? by Mara Wilson

The Book: I was straight-up pumped to start reading Where Am I Now? I started following Mara Wilson on Twitter about a year ago, and was thrilled to hear she was writing a book. As a lover of memoirs (spy Grace in the stack) I'm always up to looking into to people's live, particularly what they themselves have to say about it. Though, this one caught me off guard the minute I read through the first page. 

Sitting on the subway headed back to my dorm, I was torn between shock and falling off of my seat laughing: essentially, completely hooked. She takes a storytelling approach to each chapter, sectioned off by life experiences, not fully contained by chronological order. The way she writes is humorous without losing a sense of connection between her and the reader. As I was reading, I could tell she wasn't trying very hard to be relatable, and that made it more so. It took me back to a time where I would watch Matilda every time it was on TV, but it also made me think about my convictions and thought process through those years, both bold and naïve. 

This is a great book for anyone who thinks they were a weird kid and recognizes that it's not a point of shame, but a moment of growth. And we are still growing. 

While you're reading you should listen to: 

The Playlist: It was difficult finding a playlist to exactly match the book. Every chapter has such different emotions, and though it flows well in word-form, playlists usually stick to a stricter theme. Instead I share with you something that reminds me of my childhood, Throwback Jamz by axelas. It includes the essential Disney mega-hits and bubblegum pop music that was certainly too sexual for my age. 

Enjoy the nostalgia,
x Jasmine 

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