Saturday, November 19, 2016

5 Noteworthy Bags For Winter

My black, Zara city bag has been a great everyday bag for a couple of years now. Thankfully, it's also holding up well and I'm sure it will be my staple bag for a while. Though, recently, I've been getting that itch for something new. I've never personally been a 'bag-lady' but sometimes you need something that's a little more unique and brings some color to your outfit. Here's a few I've noted in my searches. 

Structured Bags

I'm very attracted to ModCloth's bags. They have a great selection of classic, structures in a variety of colors. I can't resist the straight out of a vintage boarding school look. The Zara bag is a bit more unique and great for a night out. The dark blue color and embroidery also reminds me of Hermione's bag

Festive Red Bags

I've been having a bit of a red moment and it has worked its way into my choice of bags. BritStich has a great selection of buckle-front bags in a variety of sizes and colors, that all look stunning. I also have a soft spot for 90% of Madewell's items. Their purses are equally gorgeous and practical. I could seriously fill that tote up.

I hope a bag makes it way to your Christmas list,
x Jasmine 

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