Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rory Gilmore | Style Inspiration

It's hard to point to just one thing about Gilmore Girls that appeals to me and so many of my friends. There's the obvious things I can relate to having been raised by her mother, growing up as one of the "smart girls" (rather than any other type of young girl portrayed on TV at the time) and an eventual journalism student. But I don't quite feel like any of those points lead to that feeling the show gives me. Ultimately, the show feels like home, whatever that may be. The show was funny, smart, bold and a bit whimsical. 

The Inspiration 

So, when Netflix added Gilmore, of course I was going to rewatch all of it. It was something from my childhood that only got better as I watched it later in life.  The one thing that surprised me is how I ended up making a pinterest board of Rory's style. Like the the show, there's something about her style that feels so familiar to me. Though I don't think it's the most exciting or unique TV wardrobe that's ever been, there are a few key pieces I'd love to add to my closet. 

The Picks

My favorite part of Rory's style is the recurring plaid pattern. Plaid is something I see on the daily in New England and I don't think I could ever grow to hate it. Full skirts would be a new concept to my wardrobe. I'd usually avoid it for fear of looking shorter than I already am, but I think the high waist of the ModCloth skirt would solve that problem quite easily. Staying away from anything too full will keep me from looking overwhelmed too. Throw in a cheeky tee and a warm sweater and I'll have home, or just a part of it, in my closet. 

Oi with the poodles already,
x Jasmine 

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