Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fish's Favorites: Winter 2016-17

It feels a little weird to be talking about the end of winter when there's snow on the ground (and possibly more to come) but, at least in my heart, I'm ready to let go and move on to spring. To send winter off until next year (or until there's more snow) here are my favorites:  

Applying: Winter turned my entire body into a dry mess. This was especially weird for my skin and I was so not ready for it. The CeraVe moisturizer came to my rescue in the form of serious hydration without being heavy or sticky. It's also designed for sensitive skin so no breakouts in sight.

 Through most of the fall, I also had some serious bad luck with leave in conditioners. My hair was seriously unhappy but Davines Momo hair potion was a positive find. It leaves my hair moisturized with some hold to avoid frizz. The smell isn't that great, but it was easy to get over and worth it for the good hair day. 

Wearing: Ever since I got this sweater I've worn it once a week, no joke. The weaving is classic, it's warm, and it goes with all of my button up shirts. It's so easy and a classic winter piece and it's probably the only item I'll miss wearing once warmer weather arrives. 

Listening: I found a music video of Benjamin Clementine (top) on Tumblr and was super hooked from the start. His sound is soulful, though a bit rough, and the lyrics take more of a poetic quality. He's usually accompanied by a piano which I'm always a sucker for as well.

 As for the song I had on repeat for weeks on end, it was Far East Movement's Freal Luv ft.  Chanyeol & Tinashe. Both of the features are great, the beat is great and the music video is a bit of an aesthetic dream. I think I'll be playing this one many more times. 

Watching: I watched Skam over winter break and it was the best decision. It's a Norwegian teen drama and it's everything I want out of the genre. Great acting, seriously good style and several important topics are addressed throughout the seasons. It was hard to do anything productive before I finished it. 

Death Note was another series I couldn't stop watching. It's super well known, but if you haven't heard it's about a boy who gains possession of a notebook which kills anyone whose name is written in it. I don't want to give anything else away, but the only thing I could think of that was similar in tension and binge-worthiness is Breaking Bad

I've also been diving into rewatching super long sitcoms on Hulu and this season it was Sabrina. Surprisingly, I didn't remember much, but it was a fun and silly watch through all the same. 

Latsly, I have to give a shout out to BrizzyVoices on Youtube. She does a lot of voice impressions geared towards nerdy things and she does it super well. I really love the voice swaps she did with Andre the Black Nerd. Her videos are a lot of fun and a great reprieve from dreary days. 

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