Sunday, May 28, 2017

Inked: Ballerina Tattoo from Dali and Disney

I have a feeling I'm developing the habit of getting tattooed in May. It's worked out these first two times because it's been the end of the school year. Although my tattoos have had anything to do with school, it feels like something nice way to cap-off that period of time. Now, I'm no longer in school, so I'm not sure if this time of year will hold any significance in the future, but maybe the timing will stick. 

The Tattoo
This little, headless ballerina is from the short film Destino. It was created by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali in 1945, but had to be abandoned due to the war. The film was completed by a team at Disney in 2003 (you can watch the full thing below.) Though I've seen the gif of her dancing many times, I watched the film for the first time in Paris in 2015. I sat on the idea of getting it as a tattoo for about a year, and it feels so great to finally have it. 

The Shop 
Laura (@nothingwildtattoo on Instagram) did my tattoo at Fleur Noire in Williamsburg. It was a lovely experience and I'd recommend the shop to anyone interested. I'm so happy with the simple design and I think it suits me more than a straight copy of the film. I'll be headed back to the shop soon enough. 

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