Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Join The Resistance | Po-Zu Star Wars Collection

It's been too long for me to remember how I found out about this shoe collection, but I do remember being incredibly excited the minute I heard the news. I've been starting to do some research on ethical and sustainable fashion and poking around brands I've never heard of, and I thought this Po-Zu collection would be a great place to start with incorporating those ethics into my closet. 

Po-Zu incorporates ethical and sustainable methods into all tiers of their company, from the materials to the people that put together the shoes and the charities they work with. Everything is made in a small factory in Portugal and there is a lot of information on their website about the care they take to create a great shoe company. 

I pre-ordered these guys back in April (the wait has really tested my patience) and now that I have them I couldn't be happier. They are incredibly comfortable and the minute you see them you can tell a lot of love went into creating them. They are vibrant, well made, and a great addition to my many Star Wars clothes. If you're looking to stray from the same, huge sneaker corporations, I'd definitely give Po-Zu a search (the BB8 pair are super cute-- trust me.) 

Dressed in: Po-Zu Resistance sneakers, Madewell tank top, Brandy Melville pants, Urban Outfitters bolo necklace (similar)

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