Sunday, September 17, 2017

Style Inspiration: Baby from Dirty Dancing

I always enjoy browsing through Man Repeller's articles about the clothes in movies. How a costume shapes a character is always an interesting topic to read about, but I love how Man Repeller takes a funny approach to championing more understated and simple movie clothes. Browsing through the Dirty Dancing iteration, I knew I had to try it out myself. 

The pink body and denim shorts is an iconic look from the movie and one of my personal favorites. Bodysuits are a current trend that I've mostly avoided because it reminds me more of ballet class than anything meant to be cool. I eased my ban on the item for this outfit thinking it'd be a piece that I could also use for some interesting fall layering.  Though, having worn it the day of these photos I can't say I'm a fan. All the fuss with the button had my patience running out every time I went to the bathroom. How do people where this all the time?? It would drive me insane. 

Maybe I'll get used to it after some practice, but I'm a bit weary of giving it another go. Fortunately, it's not required to wear one to enjoy watching Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze dance around.

Dressed In: Free People body, Levi shorts and belt, Star Wars x Vans sneakers

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